Our First Conestoga Wagon Camping Experience

Conestoga wagon camping
One of the adorable Conestoga Wagon at the Silver Spur Resort in Canton, TX

A Conestoga Wagon camping experience is like roughing it in style.

We did a first a couple of weeks ago – we stayed in a covered wagon called Conestoga Wagons. Have you ever heard of Conestoga Wagons, or better yet, stayed overnight in one? These are not the old-timey ones but are new-covered wagons circulating on campgrounds for luxury glamping purposes. This is our first Conestoga wagon camping experience in Canton, TX. Take a look. We were hosted at the Silver Spur Resort for the weekend.

About an hour east of Dallas, you’ll find Conestago Wagon camping and more. Silver Spur Resort in Canton, TX.

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What Is Inside A Conestoga Wagon?

Inside the Conestoga Wagons are one king bed, 1 set of bunk beds that sleeps four, and a cute table with two chairs. The Conestoga Wagon we slept in has two sets of bunk beds and not a table, but sleeps six. In all wagons, there are small tables on both sides of the king bed. A little snug but doable, but you’re not hanging out in them …you spend most of your time outdoors — right? Usually, where Conestoga wagons are set up, there are plenty of outdoor things to do for families. Keep reading to get the scoop.

Everybody wants to know where the restrooms are. They are located very close to the wagons and are a community-type restroom with a shower just for the folks staying in the wagons. You use a code to get in. The restrooms at Silver Spur Resort are nice and clean, and well kept up each day.

Here is a Conestoga Wagon at night. Oh, and by the way, we had some terrible weather the first night we were there, and it did not bother us at all in the wagon. We thought it might, and the resort was so nice to give us a cabin if we wanted it, but we stood it out, and everything turned out okay.

Conestoga wagon camping
Conestoga Wagon at night.

Cooking Out, Eating Out, And A Chuckwagon Experience

There are three ways to eat at Silver Spur Resort. One is to cook out yourself using your own private grill. The other is to enjoy a nice homemade cooked meal in their restaurant – The Q & Brew, and the third is to buy tickets to a Chuckwagon Experience. Which would you prefer? Well, we did two out of the three …and cooking ourselves was not part of the experience we had this time, but I would totally be into it the next time!

What is a Chuckwagon Experience, you ask?

At a Chuckwagon Experience, you’ll experience hands-on cooking like back in the old west days – outdoors and over an open fire. You’ll eat around a campfire, listen to music, and be served some amazing food, including cowboy beans cooked in a cast-iron pot over a fire pit and the best cobbler I’ve ever tasted cooked in a dutch oven. It’s definitely worth the experience and fun for the whole family.

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The Q & Brew Restaurant

The Q & Brew is Silver Spur Resort’s onsite restaurant. Move over chips and salsa – it’s beans and cornbread with honey served before your dinner here! A couple of us enjoyed a flight of beers, and to my amazement, I enjoyed the darkest beer they had – and I’m not fond of dark beer!

The Q & Brew restaurant is open to the public.

Playing Around At Silver Spur Resort

One of Brody’s favorite things to do outdoors is fish. And, when someone there is willing to put the bait on his line, then I’m all in – thanks, Chastity!

Besides fishing, there’s more playtime for kids and their families. Take a look.

  • horseshoes
  • swimming in the pool
  • rent a pedal boat
  • kid’s playground
  • a human foosball game
  • lots of walking around the pond.

conestoga wagon camping

This place is family and kid-friendly for sure – you can tell by the photos …and my kid had the best time! Also, pet-friendly too, but not in the wagons.

conestoga wagon camping

The Silver Spur Resort is about 1 hour from Dallas, TX, and is the perfect weekend getaway for sunshine, fun, and food. Conestoga wagon camping is just one option. They offer cabins, tiny houses, and lots of room for RV’s.

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