Quick Family Weekend Getaways Near DFW

Quick Family Weekend Getaways Near DFW

Plan now with these quick family weekend getaways near DFW!

Family road trips have been rising lately and will continue throughout the year. Families want to get away, so taking road trips seems the best option. Summer is a great time to make these quick family weekend getaways near DFW happen. There’s plenty of time this year to take a family getaway. I’ve got some pretty neat places to show you that are only 3 hrs or fewer from the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Read on for a great family vacation!

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Quick Family Weekend Getaways Near DFW

Tiny Cabin Family Weekend Getaways Near DFW

Today, I’m sharing family weekend getaways I’ve been on and a few my friends have been on that are worth mentioning. You’ll want to grab a drink and a notepad because these places are too good not to visit. To all nature lovers – get your mountain bikes ready!

1. Larue, TX (East Texas)

First up is Piney Woods Getaway Cabins in Larue, TX. I took my son and mom last month, and we had a blast. Before we left home, I scoured the area for fun activities. It seems like the perfect place to explore nature and hike, but I was looking for another type of adventure that my son and I could do together. I found the perfect adventure …and it’s my favorite. A zip line course wasn’t too far away! Please read all about it here >>> Tiny Cabin Camping in East Texas.

2. Cleburne, TX – A Quick Family Weekend From Fort Worth

I enjoyed being hosted in Cleburne for a weekend with my tag-a-long.

Each weekend getaway near DFW mentioned here would be a great place for you and your family to take and leave the madness behind. Most are under 3 hours, with a few slightly over, but not by much. Not bad for a road trip. And, if the kids get bored, you can always play family games in the car.

Quick Family Weekend Getaways Near DFW
Outdoor shower at BDER

3. Best Day Ever Ranch, Whitewright, TX

When we were there in 2016, the cabins were newly updated and cute! Cabins are small, with steep stairs to a loft; however, other options do not have steep stairs. My favorite thing was having coffee on the porch the next morning. Someone close by was playing country music, and it just all seemed so serial. If you get the chance, ask to see the treehouse cabin. The bathtub alone is worth renting.

Each rental gets a golf cart to use; sorry, no golf club or golf courses – but who needs one? But the best part is that most of their cabins have an outdoor shower—incredible. BDER also offers an event center perfect for weddings, an incredible outdoor gazebo, and lots of room to roam for your guests. You have to read about this place. I want to return for another weekend trip — camping at Best Day Ever Ranch.

BDER is a quick weekend getaway from Dallas; your entire family will love it.

4. Getaway Tiny Cabins – Navasota, TX

You’ll find another Getaway Cabin in the small town of Navasota (close to Houston), just a short drive from Dallas. We went, and it was the best way to hang out in nature for my kid – read about it here – so fun – Tiny Modern Camping.

Keep in mind; that these cabins are tiny, but the view of nature is why this company chose each area to place their small cabins. See their site using my affiliate link here – Getaway Tiny Cabins. Along with these two locations, there are cabins in the Austin and San Antonio area and a few scattered around the east and west coast. If you like what you see, use my promo code GREENMOM for $25 off your next weekend escape!

Quick Family Weekend Getaways Near DFW
A girl’s staycation at the Gaylord.

5. Staycation at Gaylord Texan Resort

If you know me, you know I love spending time at the Gaylord Texan Resort in Grapevine, TX. This past summer, I was invited to stay the night and enjoy Summerfest activities and Paradise Springs. I decided to ask a couple of my girlfriends to come along. It was also my birthday, so my time there was extra special. We met so many Texas families there. I wished I’d brought my kid.

Have you taken your family to the Gaylord Texan Summerfest they have every summer? It’s wild and fun. It changes every year, and they had Bingo, Canvas painting, and more this year. The girls and I also took some time to enjoy the outdoor resort pool. We could get into quite a few activities in the short time we were there. It’s a memory down in the books for me.

Of course, the Gaylord Texan is only minutes from Dallas and Fort Worth — a staycation I always recommend with the family.

6. A Great Getaway in Frisco, TX

Oh, what fun we two had in Frisco. Plus, I drove a 2021 Cadillac Escalade Platinum media car, and we were going in style. Frisco is one of the best places to hang out for a day or weekend in North Texas – complete with live music, a fun downtown area on Main Street, fun escape rooms, and more. Here’s our girlfriend’s getaway in Frisco, TX.

7. Dinosaur Valley State Park

Glen Rose, TX, has a beautiful state park to spend the day or a weekend with hiking trails, picnic tables, a playground, geocaching, and dinosaur tracks! Dinosaur Valley State Park is one of the best day trips I’ve been on with kids. But spending a fun weekend camping out would also be fun. If you have the time, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is not too far. It’s great for young kids, but older kids will like it too. Remember that the dinosaur tracks are most visible when there are low water levels. Oh, the park has a store with supplies, some food, and even a small gift shop.

Quick Family Weekend Getaways Near DFW

8. Quick Family Weekend Getaways Near DFW – Oklahoma

Just three hours north on Interstate 35 N in Oklahoma City is Bricktown and a couple of prominent Districts with something for tourists to see and do. Last year, my son and I went on a hosted trip and had the best time cruising around the city. Every minute of our weekend getaway, we were busy trying to hit every district they had planned for us. We had an itinerary from Visit OKC to follow, so you know we were busy. Oh, and you have to see the purple penguins in the hotel and the white-water rapids ride we took – it scared the you-know-what out of me, but my son loved it. Please read about our weekend escape and the best things to do >>> Our Oklahoma City Family Adventure.

9. Lake Texoma

A friend of mine and her family rented a cabin at Lake Texoma from Light House Marina. She told me she’s been cooped up too long at home and needed a quick weekend escape. Texhoma is less than 2 hrs from DFW and has been popular for years. I hear there’s great fishing to do. Esther told me their rented cabin had a full kitchen, bathroom, cable, and AC but that they wouldn’t go back there. They also rented a boat. Sounds fun to me.

10. Carlton Landing on Lake Eufaula

Then you have Carlton Landing on Lake Eufaula. Lake Eufaula is just under 3 hours from Dallas on Hwy 75. We had the pleasure of going there for a few nights in 2015. It was the first road trip we took where we were comped for two nights in a rental. See the fun we had >>>> Carlton Landing Lake Eufaula Weekend Escape. We haven’t been back, but I’m sure it’s even more beautiful, as they were just getting started with the Carlton Landing Community. I know they were adding a General Store, a School House, and even a Church in the community.

Quick Family Weekend Getaways Near DFW

11. Broken Bow Cabins

Have you seen the houses you can rent in Broken Bow, Oklahoma? They are gorgeous! I saw a glimpse of a few on Instagram a while back. Then, I remembered my niece went there last year (in October). She and her family had a blast and said she would return in a heartbeat. Okay, so Broken Bow isn’t quite a quick family weekend getaway near DFW, more like 4 hours, but still, I’ve heard marvelous things about going there.

Update: My niece did go back, AND so did I! I took my mom along for a mother-daughter getaway – here’s our trip – A road trip to Broken Bow

Ok, just a short drive from DFW, you and your family can have a wonderful time before school starts. Which weekend getaway near DFW do you like best so far?

Mother-Daughter Road Trip to Broken Bow, OK

Another Mother-daughter trip is in the books for us. I try to take my mom on as many road trips as possible. She’s 82 and still likes to get out of the house and go sightseeing and on road trips, but she never goes alone, so she goes with me. Lucky me, I found another person to go to tasting rooms with. For a good wine-tasting afternoon, try any in Broken Bow – there are a few!

After seeing that my niece has been to Broken Bow twice, I’ve wanted to go for quite some time and find a place that offers hot tubs with every property and, of course, a full kitchen and a spacious dining room. We found it here – our Broken Bow road trip.

12. Turner Falls Park

Turner Falls is only an hour’s drive from my home. I can’t believe it took me this long to get there. I went when I was younger but haven’t been back since – shame on me.

Family travel has never been better, and these places are a great way to see a fun place that perhaps you’ve never seen before. Grab the whole family and plan today!!

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