Mother-Daughter Road Trip To Broken Bow

Road trip to Broken Bow
Mother-Daughter at Girls Gone Wine Broken Bow

Take a Mother-Daughter Road Trip to Broken Bow for relaxation and fun.

While on another mother-daughter road trip, I found the best zipline course, a winery, and a brewery, and my mom accompanied me to only one. Yep, you guessed it –it was wine time for us! A road trip to Broken Bow, Oklahoma, was just what we needed, and the trip did us a heaping bit of good to be out in nature. It was the perfect place for us to spend time together – all cozy and warm!

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Mother-Daughter Road Trip

Another mother-daughter road trip is in the books for us. This trip marks the third one we’ve been on together in the last four years. The first one was a trip to see the Magnolia Market in Waco, and the second road trip was to Colorado to visit family. I’m sure there have been more, but my son was with us. It was our first time to Broken Bow, and it did not disappoint. We had a great time, and we want to go back.

My mom was getting to where she couldn’t remember things, and navigating was not her most vital point on the trip, so I just let her enjoy the ride. Her little dog, Lily, went with us, so she was busy because Miss Lily didn’t like to ride in the car. I thought my mom would enjoy the road trip to Broken Bow and was glad she came along. She’s 82 years old and doesn’t get to travel like she and my dad used to back in the day.

If you have an elder mom or dad or a grandparent that you’ll be traveling with soon, I wrote these tips on traveling with the elderly that might help your vacation go a little smoother.

Broken Bow, Oklahoma

So, Brody and I met a family when we were zip-lining in East Texas. It turns out; he owns a cabin in Broken Bow (Hochatown). I told him I was writing an article about Broken Bow for TravelAwaits and was looking for a place to stay. He was kind enough to let me stay in his cabin for a few nights. I’d call him a friend, but I guess he’s an acquaintance, as I probably won’t see him again. But that was sure nice of him to let us stay there. I did tell him I would mention his cabin in my article. More about his wonderful cabin is below.

Broken Bow is located in southeastern Oklahoma and is a short drive from the Texas and Oklahoma border and the Oklahoma-Arkansas border and right amid the Ouachita National Forest. So, if you’re looking for a place for a weekend getaway with spectacular views in the mountains, this is by far the best way to see it! And October and November is the perfect time to go as you’ll see fall foliage everywhere. We met a few couples, and all of them were from Oklahoma City. This area must be a popular destination for people in that area. It’s a short road trip, and OKC doesn’t have the beautiful scenery that the Broken Bow area has –it’s a nature lover’s dream.

Road Trip to Broken Bow “for Wine”

road trip to Broken Bow
Girls Gone Wine Winery and Tasting Room

We arrived too early to check in, so we grabbed some handmade cheese sticks at Grateful Head Pizza, then went across the street to Girls Gone Wine. Probably the most memorable part of the whole trip for us. I mean, who doesn’t have fun at a winery, specially decorated in pink (inside)! My mom is a hoot when she drinks wine – only one glass is all she needs! They had a complimentary wine tasting, and I couldn’t wait to taste their wines. If you bought a glass of wine, you got to take the glass home, which we did! There are other wineries in the area, and I believe they all have free wine tastings.

Places To Eat In Broken Bow

Mother-Daughter Road Trip To Broken Bow

Grateful Head Pizza is a favorite hang-out for locals and visitors alike. They have indoor and outdoor seating, but when we were there, the inside was closed, and it was too cold for my mom to eat on the outdoor patio even though they had heaters on, so we ate our cheese sticks in the car. There’s a gift shop next door with Broken Bow memorabilia, a tee-shirt shop, and one other kind of shop. You can order your pizza and go shopping while you wait.

Later that evening, we had a hamburger at Mountain Fork Brewery, down the street from the cabin. The fries weren’t that good, but that hamburger was the bomb. And while you’re eating, you can watch how they make their beer through the large glass windows. I’d go back again for that hamburger.

Cabins in Broken Bow

Mother-Daughter Road Trip To Broken Bow
Aspen Aspirations Cabin in Broken Bow – Hochatown, OK

So, the person we met in East Texas while ziplining owns a cabin in the Broken Bow Hochatown area, so he uses Rustic Luxe Cabins Broken Bow to manage his property. All cabins have names, and his place is Aspen Aspirations. It’s a luxury cabin in the woods with breathtaking views of a creek, tall trees everywhere, natural beauty, and other luxury cabins all around, yet spread out. The house sleeps eight and is loaded with all the amenities you could ever want and dream of – such as a hot tub and a fireplace on the back deck, a small game room upstairs, a modern kitchen, luxury lights, and beautiful furniture. It makes a great place to stay for the whole family or two couples. The land the cabin sits on is what’s so breathtaking. There are stairs (lots of stairs) that go down to a creek, where you can walk around and listen to the rippling sounds of the creek. I’ll say, our morning coffee out on the back deck was superb.

There is also an outdoor fire pit on one side of the cabin with chairs around it. It’s a short walk down to it, but the beaten path and the scenery are worth it. His place is worth checking out on the website. My photos above only show part of the inside. The website shows everything, including the outdoor fireplace and the spacious hot tub.

This house is just one Broken Bow cabin rental. There are TONS out there, and while we were driving around, I found my favorite cabin, but it’s not a cabin rental. It’s someone’s home.

Ziplining in Broken Bow

Ziplining at Rugura Adventures Beavers Bend State Park Broken Bow

Attractions and activities are a huge part of a vacation for me. Finding fun things has always been my top priority when traveling. Where ever I go, I look for a zip line, horseback riding, and kayaking, and then I choose either one or two to do. Next time, I’ll find an outfitter who offers trail rides and do that.

After ziplining in Beavers Bend State Park, over Broken Bow Lake, and having all the feels of nature, I’ve deemed myself a zipline junkie—and bought the t-shirt! It’s undoubtedly the best place to see the kind of nature in the mountains up there.

Well, it was a quick weekend getaway to Broken Bow and Hochatown, but a memorable one. It took us way longer to get home because I thought I knew the way back and didn’t use my GPS. I took a wrong turn and ended up back where I practically started. Lesson learned – set your GPS every time!

See my article on TravelAwaits – Fun Outdoor Experiences in Broken Bow for more inspiration on Broken Bow.

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