Tiny Cabin Camping in East Texas

Tiny Cabin Camping in East Texas

Try tiny cabin camping in East Texas this weekend for some relaxation!

It’s time for a multigenerational road trip with my son and mother. I have decided that tiny cabin camping in East Texas is in order. See how much fun we had.

Though I would never live in a tiny cabin with my mother, I don’t mind her coming along on our road trips. She’s 81 and needs to keep mobile and enjoy the outdoors like the rest of us. She even brought her dog, Lily, along this time.

First, I hope we never go through what we experienced back in March 2020. We are not out of the woods yet, but I felt we needed to do something, so I chose to escape to East Texas for a couple of days.

Tiny Cabin Camping

Luckily, we three got to go on our planned multigenerational road trip through Tennessee in early March before all this broke out. We did end our trip a day early because we watched the pandemic unfold at my friend’s house in Tennessee. We felt we needed to get back on the road towards home.

So there’s only one word for this trip, okay two – need and nature.

Just a little over two hours away, we got to roll up our sleeves and play in nature. That consists of hiking nearby trails, spelling our names with rocks, making a fire in the pit, and roasting s’ mores, which we do every time we go camping.

Be sure to read what I have to say about our tiny cabin (below). You might just fall in love with the thought!

Tiny Cabin Camping in East Texas

Tiny Cabin Camping in East Texas

I am a Nomadik Brand Ambassador, and some of the links in this post below lead to their website, in which MTR would receive a small commission if anything were purchased at no additional cost to you.

First, I prepared for our trip with food, firewood, a first aid kit, and all the things a person needs for outdoor camping. I premade this easy veggie skewer camping recipe to take with us, grabbed some blueberries we handpicked on Monday before we left, and went on a tiny cabin camping in East Texas.

Highly recommend, if you camp a lot, to check into Nomadik’s Monthly Subscription Boxes. They have some of the coolest gadgets and handy tools for outdoor camping.

Tiny Cabin Camping in East Texas

Brody is using the multi-tool found in Nomadik’s box to whittle away at a stick found in nature.

Brody and I found the perfect trees (below) with just enough space between the two to hang his hammock. He was set for a while. This hammock was also in Nomadik’s latest subscription box.

Because we are in the great outdoors, I demonstrated my advice by taking and using these simple tips to take care of the great outdoors with us as we hiked around the Piney Woods of East Texas.

Getaway Tiny Cabin Review

So, the tiny cabin we stayed in belongs to Getaway. Have you heard of these tiny cabins spread out in parts of Texas and other states? Someone told me Getaway was on Shark Tank years ago.

If you love the outdoors, exploring nature, and taking hikes, you probably won’t stay inside too much. Though they are little, they are relaxing, peaceful, and simply amazing. There are 40 tiny camping cabins in this area – all spread out, of course. If you look it up, where we stayed is under Dallas.

Our cabin was equipped with most things you need, and there’s a provisions box should you or some kid want/needs candy. The only thing that didn’t work was the fire starters, but we brought a few too.

What I like the best was all cabins are spread out and not too close to your neighbor. You could pretty much run around naked if you wanted to. However, there was a trail next to ours, so no naked stuff was happening!

Tiny Cabin Camping in East Texas

I love that red mini-fridge. The sink is to the right of it, and the bathroom is to the right as well. See, not much walking around space, but who stays inside while camping anyway? Not us.

The area has many hiking trails, long and short trails into the woods to enjoy. Though there have been reports of snakes and wild boars, we saw none and were relaxed hiking on the trails. We did see a deer.

Zipline in East Texas

I knew there had to be fun things to do in or around La Rue, so I dug further on the Getaway website. A few lakes were nearby and a zipline course was only 15 minutes away. Since zip lining is one of my favorite outdoor activities, this was a no-brainer activity for us. This was Brody’s second time to zip line, but the first was a concise course at church camp last year.

Our tiny cabin camping in the piney woods was nothing short of having a good time. Although mom and Brody fought like mother and son, all else was good!! HA!

I’m leaving you with one more photo. I mentioned above that we spelled our names from rocks, but my mom did that while Brody and I were zip lining. Way to go, mom!

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  1. That seems like so much fun and a much needed break! I’d love to just get out into nature and decompress from it all! Hope you and your family are staying safe!


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