Natchez Trace Tennessee Camping

Natchez Trace Tennessee Camping
Natchez Trace Campgrounds – Tennessee

If you want to relax and unwind in the great outdoors of Tennessee, then Natchez Trace Tennessee camping is for you. From skipping rocks, hiking on the trails, and fishing in a pond, Natchez Trace RV Campground in Tennessee has everything an outdoor adventurer looks for when considering where to camp for a family-fun time.

Whether you go to RV camp or rent a cabin, you’re in for a beautiful outdoor experience at Natchez Trace. You must love the quietness of the outdoors and the sounds of birds, ducks, owls, and squirrels. And, If you’re looking to unplug, you must check this place out. WIFI is very spotty, and so is cell service. So, if you’re not going to work, but to fish and have fun, this campsite is perfect.

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Natchez Trace Tennessee Camping

Even though we are going through a tough time right now, I don’t believe camping in the outdoors is on the “do not do list’, after all, you’re probably camping with less than ten people, or at least just with family. I’m glad my mom, son, and I got to visit Natchez Trace before all this quarantine stuff broke loose. Although getting stuck in a cabin in Tennessee wouldn’t be a bad thing.

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Thousand Trails Natchez Trace Wilderness Preserve offers many things for the camper and RVers. There are deluxe cabins as well as premium cabins. Lots of parking and a lovely lodge to enjoy family games, and even a putt-putt golf area. If RVing, you’ll have full hook-ups, plenty of parking for your vehicle, a boat ramp to fish off of, and beautiful surroundings with hiking trails galore. Who wouldn’t love that? My 10-year-old son was in awe the whole time. His favorite thing to do was skipping rocks.

Natchez Trace Campground

When booking our cabin, I looked for a roomy place with enough room for us and our friends to hang out. I found the perfect cabin for us – it’s called Nashville. The Nashville cabin is near the water, and inside the cabin is decorated with Nashville memorabilia. I wanted to do karaoke several times, but I didn’t want to embarrass my son!

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Natchez Trace Tennessee Camping

Roasting S’mores at Natchez Trace, TN

Later in the evening, while getting ready to roast s’ mores (because it’s not real camping until you bring out the s’ mores), I noticed not very many marshmallows left in the bag. Umm, I wonder who ate them all. We had to resort to using bananas. I think I found a better (and healthier) way to make s’ mores.

Natchez Trace Tennessee Camping

Gotcha Brody!

Hiking at Natchez Trace State Park

Not only was this a great nature trail to hike on, but it is also home to many beavers. While walking through, we saw evidence that the beavers love it and are here to build their habitat. We hiked around and had fun spotting all the gnome houses nailed into the trees.

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Brody’s favorite thing to do on nature hikes is finding a stick to a walking stick. He didn’t have to – walking sticks were hung on a tree for hikers to use this time.

Natchez Trace Tennessee Camping

About halfway through our nature hike, we spotted these painted letters hammered into the trees. R E L A X – it’s precisely what we intend to do while camping at Natchez Trace, Tennessee!

More about Natchez Trace Tennessee Camping

Natchez Trace is one of Thousand Trails campgrounds. Thousand Trails is a network of 81 campgrounds in popular camping destinations throughout the United States and Canada. Thousand Trails offers customers the best value in camping with a variety of membership options. However, each Thousand Trails campground caters to members and non-members, so you do not need to be a member to enjoy these campgrounds. Thousand Trails campgrounds are packed with varying amenities and activities such as swimming pools, basketball, bocce ball, boating, fishing, clubhouses, hiking and biking trails, tennis, volleyball, pickleball, mini-golf, playgrounds, and more.

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