Petite Retreats at Bay Landing Campground Bridgeport, TX

Whether you want to camp in a cabin, RV, a Petite Retreat, or a tent, Bay Landing on Lake Bridgeport has it all. We chose to camp in one of the Petite Retreats at Bay Landing Campground Bridgeport, TX. I was given a weekend rental in exchange for writing about our fun experience. All opinions are all mine.

Petite Retreats at Bay Landing Campground Bridgeport, TX

Our weekend was filled with outdoor activities at Bay Landing on Bridgeport Lake in Texas. Bay Landing happens to be about 45 minutes west of where we live. A perfect spot for our kids to have fun away from home. When I got the word that I could choose a Petite Retreat anywhere they had one available, I decided on Bay Landing simply because it was the best choice for a weekend getaway close to home. I invite Chastity and her son, Carson, to come along.

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Petite Retreats at Bay Landing Campground Bridgeport, TX

Brody and I arrived right at 4 pm on Friday and set up our area. I stocked the frig with food, got the dogs settled in, figured out where everyone was going to sleep, and Brody – well, look at the below photo. Between two trees is his place for the weekend!

Petite Retreats at Bay Landing Campground Bridgeport, TX

Petite Retreats Bay Landing Campground

Bay Landing RV Campground in Bridgeport is part of Thousand Trails campgrounds.┬áThousand Trails is a network of 81 campsites located in popular camping destinations throughout the United States and British Columbia, Canada. The campground offers camping in RV’s, cabins, tents, and the cutest petite retreats around.

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Chili Cook-off at Bay Landing Campground

Before we left, I researched Bay Landing and found out they were having a chili cook-off while we were going to be there. I’d never entered one before and decided to give it a shot. Though I didn’t win, as you can see from the empty pot below, my chili was well-liked. It was fun and exciting, watching everyone vote on their favorites.

Outdoor Activities at Bay Landing Campgrounds

In the back of our Petite Retreat is the playground. Just far enough to watch the kids from the back deck and not too close for some relaxation. Chastity couldn’t resist playing with the boys on the merry-go-round. Close by to the right is an 18-hole mini-golf course in which we played more than once.

Petite Retreats at Bay Landing Campground Bridgeport, TX

Brody and Carson will tell you that fishing for crawfish or crawdads is much more fun than actually fishing for fish. They had such a great time playing in the lake that we let them do it both days.

Petite Retreats at Bay Landing Campground Bridgeport, TX

Petite Retreats at Bay Landing Campground Bridgeport, TX

Photo by Chastity Beene

Petite Retreats at Bay Landing Campground Bridgeport, TX

What in the world is better than watching your kids play outdoors and having fun – NOTHING. It’s magical.

Deer watching at Bay Landing Campgrounds

We were out taking a short hike at dusk when we heard a lady hollering out into the woods. She told us if we were quiet enough, deer would come out and graze and not leave if they saw us. Do you think the boys were quiet? That’s a big NO. But Chastity captured this first set of deer before the boys yelled with excitement and scared them back into the woods.

Petite Retreats at Bay Landing Campground Bridgeport, TX
Photo by Chastity Beene

While there were plenty of activities to do and events going on, we brought along the boys’ archery equipment to practice hitting the target. Archery is a great sport, and the boys want to be big archery shooters. We set up the target not too far from the Petite Retreat cabin, as you can see. Chastity was brave for sure, taking this photo!

Petite Retreats at Bay Landing Campground Bridgeport, TX
Photo by Chastity Beene

As you can see, the Petite Retreats at Bay Landing Campground Bridgeport, TX, is just darling and well-kept, and plenty of space for all to play. Indoor, the retreat is just as cute and cozy.

More About Thousand Trails Campgrounds

Thousand Trails offers customers the best value in camping with a variety of membership options. However, each Thousand Trails campground caters to members and non-members alike, so you do not need to be a member to enjoy these campgrounds. Thousand Trails campgrounds are packed with varying amenities and activities such as swimming pools, basketball, bocce ball, boating, fishing, clubhouses, hiking and biking trails, tennis, volleyball, pickleball, mini-golf, playgrounds, and more.

Bay Landing Family Things To Do

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Fishing
  • Children’s Playground
  • Hiking
  • Mini Golf
  • Swimming
  • Indoor games in the Clubhouse
  • Catching crawfish with a cup in the lake, then letting them go!
  • Pets are welcome with a fee
  • and so much more

More About Petite Retreats

Petite Retreats is presented by Thousand Trails and Encore RV resorts campgrounds, featuring more than 180 locations across North America. Petite Retreats offers guests the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in top vacation destinations while enjoying unique vacation accommodations, including tiny houses, colorful cottages, cabins, yurts, and more.

Bay Landing Petite Retreats Accommodations

  • Full Kitchen with microwave & coffee maker
  • Heat/AC
  • Loft
  • Top-notch Outdoor BBQ Grill
  • TV/VCR
  • Ceiling Fans
  • back porch with table and chairs
  • Lots of room outside to play

So, whether your camping rituals are RVing, camping in the great outdoors – i.e., in a tent, or a cabin or a Petite Retreat, Thousand Trails campground at Bay Landing has it all. #GetOutandCamp

Photo by Chastity Beene

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  1. Oh how i’d love to do something like this. We had planned to go camping and do all these family things over the summer but none of it happened, id love to do something like Petite Retreats

  2. Oh my goodness I haven’t been to Texas in a few years but this makes me want to go! How cute are those tiny cabins. Bet staying in one would help me figure out if tiny living would work for us!

  3. This looks like the perfect family vacation spot! There is so much to do, and it looks like a fun place to visit! We love places like this!

  4. This looks like such a fun place to stay! I know my family would enjoy staying here for sure, all of the activities offered would keep my kids busy!

  5. Looks like a neat place to stay. My kids would totally enjoy it there too. They always like to explore and search for critters in the water, I can see why your kids had fun.

  6. I am not a tent camper so I’d love the Petite Retreats small cabins. It gives the kids the fun of camping and me the fun of amenities.

  7. There is nothing bad to say about the accomodations and activities at the Petite Retreat. It would be great to have a getaway like this so close to home.

  8. This sounds like the perfect place for a Vacation and something my family would enjoy. And the only kind of camping you would find me doing. Because I am not sleeping in a tent with bugs and snakes.


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