Cabins Near Potawatomi State Park in Sturgeon Bay, WI


The cabins near Potawatomi State Park in Sturgeon Bay are so close you can walk to the park in less than 5 minutes.

If relaxing in a quiet shady campground in the great outdoors of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, interest you, then keep reading. We had a great cabin amongst tall trees, neighbors spaced apart, and walking distance to a trail leading to Potawatomi State Park and the Ice Age Trail segment.

Check out these cabins near Potawatomi State Park in Sturgeon Bay, WI. I have a working partnership with the sponsor.

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Cabins Near Potawatomi State Park – Tranquil Timbers Camping Resort

First, I’m blown away by this Midwestern destination, and now I know all about Door Country and its surrounding areas. This Texan was in heaven the whole time I was there, as the weather never rose past 78 degrees.

Not only did I enjoy hiking in the state park, but I also was able to finish one segment of the Ice Age Trail. My friend told me all about it, and we were eager to find it and hike it. I have to say, we were worn out afterward, and my feet hurt, but it was worth it. And, we had a lovely cabin to rest our weary feet.

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Cabins Near Potawatomi State Park in Sturgeon Bay, WI

Cabin and RV camping is a favorite pastime for many folks. It’s also a more economical way to enjoy nature and what camping offers the soul. And Tranquil Timbers resonates its name with its campers. If you love the sounds the birds make, you’ll love it here. Get ready to unplug because WIFI is spotty, but who goes camping and wants to be social? No one! So, if you’re going to hang out in nature and relax fishing and have fun in nature, this campsite is perfect.

Tranquil Timbers has everything an outdoor adventurer looks for when considering where to camp for a family-fun time. If riding your bike, swimming in a pool, walking on trails, relaxing in the woods,

10 Reasons to book a cabin at Tranquil Timbers in Sturgeon Bay, WI:

  1. Privacy
  2. Several different cabin sizes
  3. Shaded Trails
  4. Swimming pool & playground
  5. Games for the entire family to play
  6. Full hookups if you choose to bring your RV
  7. Perfect bike riding trails
  8. Pet-friendly
  9. Potawatomi State Park is at your fingertips
  10. Hike one Segment of the Ice Age Trail
  11. Door County attractions: The Maritime Museum, Lighthouse Tours, Segway Tours, Lake Michigan, plus so much more.

Hike And Play At Potawatomi State Park


Potawatomi State Park is a 1,225-acre state park on the shore of Sturgeon Bay. So while you’re hiking in some parts, you’ll get a glimpse of the water. We saw many people riding bikes and walking on the paved street, but of course, since we were hiking the Ice Age Trail, we hiked on the trails. Any way you wander through the park, you’ll have a great experience. Leashed pets are welcome too.

However, as I said above, if you’re staying at Tranquil Timbers, you can walk into the park. Our cabin was steps away from the sign above.

The Ice Age Trail At Potawatomi State Park

Me standing next to the Ice Age Trail in Potawatomi State Park

The Ice Age Trail runs 1000 miles or so through the state of Wisconsin and is broken up into segments. At Potawatomi State Park, it’s the Eastern Terminus or the final point. But you can most definitely start there too. Actually, you can start anywhere on the trail. Some hikers hike the whole trail all at once, camping here and there until they reach the end. They go prepared, keep good records and take their time. I’m just glad I hiked one segment of the Ice Age Trail. Not sure if I’ll ever get back up that way to hike more. But you never know.

The East Terminus sign of the Ice Age Trail in Potawatomi State Park

Things To Do In Surgeon Bay

Where do I start? There are many attractions and activities just in Sturgeon Bay, and of course, the further you go up the peninsula, the more things you’ll find to do. But trust me, and you don’t have to leave the bay if you don’t want to.

  • kayaking
  • segway tour
  • lighthouse tour
  • The Maritime Museum
  • eateries everywhere
  • wineries
  • shopping
  • walking on the bridge
  • watching the bridge go up
  • sitting outside to enjoy a meal
  • bike riding whether your own or you rent one

More about Tranquil Timbers

The property lies between the waters of Green Bay and Lake Michigan, among the forests and wooded paths. That means you have water all around you for some good fishing, if you choose to, swimming, kayaking – whatever you want to do in the lake – it’s yours at your fingertips. It’s a perfect place to lay back and relax, but you have the Door Country Peninsula right there too. That’s a whole other exciting part of Wisconsin. Door County was such a pleasure to visit, and this Texas certainly would go back if she could! If anything, check their prices against other places to stay in the area, and if you want to save some change, I bet you’ll find Tranquil Timbers to be at your price point.


Cabins Near Potawatomi State Park in Sturgeon Bay, WI

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