Motorcycle Ride Through Galveston

Our Blue Knights Motorcycle Ride through Galveston
Our Fearless Blue Knights Leader “Crash,” aka my Uncle Roger

Every motorcyclist needs to take a ride through Galveston.

Another adventure for me and my sidekick! We took advantage of a 3-day weekend from school and headed south to hang out with my uncle. Check out our Blue Knights motorcycle ride through Galveston, TX, in a nutshell.

We did quite a lot in those three days, from walking around Kenah Boardwalk, visiting a nearby Fall festival, having a sample at Haak Winery in Santa Fe, and letting Brody play at the beach. Still, our favorite and most memorable was our motorcycle ride. This was my first motorcycle ride and Brody’s too.

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Our Blue Knights Motorcycle Ride Through Galveston

Once again, I went to Facebook to ask where a mom, a kid, and two dogs could go on a 3-day weekend. I had a few suggestions from friends and also from my uncle. Of course, we were looking for a place to go for some fun and adventures, as we always do. Uncle Roger “again” immediately spoke up and invited us to his house south close to Houston and said he would take us on a motorcycle ride. Woohoo, I’m in! The last time he spoke up and invited us somewhere, Brody and I took a road trip to the Frio River with his family and had the best time!

Uncle Roger tried on different helmets for Brody to wear during our motorcycle ride on Sunday.

Our Blue Knights Motorcycle Ride Through Galveston

The weather was quite gorgeous – actually, a cold spell came through on Friday, and by the time our Blue Knights Motorcycle ride came around on Sunday, it was feeling pretty good outdoors. What I didn’t bring for our journey, my uncle let me borrow. Can you tell this was my very first time to ride on a Harley, let alone on a 5-hour ride? WOW – it was pretty cool. Check out that jacket! Oh, what about my fingernail polish – it matched!

Our Blue Knights Motorcycle Ride through Galveston

It’s not every day a kid gets to ride in a Slingshot across Galveston Island. This kid was in awe. Jean, the owner and driver of her gorgeous Slingshot, said Brody was a fantastic passenger but kept asking, “when are we going to get there.” The ride was long, but for me, it was a sight to see. I love seeing our Galveston Island has grown and all those gorgeous homes alongside the beach. But for a kid, maybe not.

Motorcycle Ride through Galveston

Our Blue Knights motorcycle ride through Galveston just got sweeter!

The Blue Knights Squad And Convoy

We headed out around 8:30 a.m. and met up with everyone at a nearby gas station, and off we went to Galveston and to Freeport, where we stopped for breakfast. What great conversations we had. Everyone was so lovely to Brody and me, and one person even gave Brody a Blue Knight knife. Everyone took turns, showing us how to open and close that darn thing.

Motorcycle Ride through Galveston

After breakfast, we headed back to where we first met via the other directions. I remember hearing from a gentleman that said he might go back the way we came because he loved the sights along the coast. Not sure he did or not. Our motorcycle ride couldn’t have been more memorable. I know Brody will not forget riding in that small but unique 3-wheel motorcycle.

Here are fun pics from our day at the beach and our visit to Haak Winery.

Motorcycle Ride through Galveston

I did not expect anyone would be swimming or playing in the water at Galveston Beach in October. We didn’t bring his swimsuit – oh well, that didn’t stop him!

Have wine will travel — great Texas wine at Haak Winery.

It wouldn’t be prudent if I didn’t share a photo of my uncle and my dogs. I think Uncle Roger got attached to them!

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