Day Trip to Pagosa Springs Colorado

Road trips are on the rise, and just in case you haven’t been to this popular ski resort in the summer, I’m here to tell you all about how fun Pagosa Springs is, what there is to do there. Here is our summer day trip to Pagosa Springs Colorado.

Our Summer Day Trip to Pagosa Springs Colorado

A day trip to Pagosa Springs Colorado in the summer is worth every bit of the drive.

We were vacationing in Chama, NM, at our friend’s house, which we love to do nothing while we are there. However, she had plans for us other than the usual activities we do when we visit. We were excited to be going back even though we were just there in May for a wedding. This time, Valeria had many activities planned for us. Her grandchildren were also there visiting from Austin, TX, so she wanted to plan something for all of us to do. Besides having a homemade pizza night, a painting with a twist night, we took a road trip for the day to Pagosa Springs.

Pagosa Springs is about a 45-minute drive north of Chama, New Mexico. However, it’s about an hour’s drive in the dark! Lots of wildlife all around. We saw at least four deer on the way home.

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What to do in Pagosa Springs Colorado in the summer

When we first got to town, we drove up to what Valeria thought was the restaurant she had heard was a great place to eat, but it wasn’t the one. There’s more than one Thia restaurant in town. Parker, her eldest granddaughter, spotted a giant chess game across the street and wanted to go check it out. Parker, being a chess fanatic, showed Brody and Kate how to play.

Pagosa Springs CO giant chess game

I didn’t mention this above, but this is a free activity for the public to enjoy. There’s also a table Jenga game and a Limbo game to play – all for free. This area is located across the street from the Pagosa Springs Visiting Center.  Check out Parker showing the kids how to play chess in this video.

Thai Pagosa in Pagosa Springs for Lunch

We finally found the Thai restaurant recommended to us (Thai Pagosa), and we had a wonderful lunch. So glad the kids didn’t mind. They loved it. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from in town, and many cuisines are offered, from bbq, fast food, pizza, and lovely places that require reservations. You’ll have no problem finding something to eat that will please everyone.

Thai Pagosa Restuarant Pagosa Springs, CO

Whitewater Raft San Juan River in Pagosa Springs

The number one favorite activity to do in Pagosa Springs in the summer is to whitewater raft in the San Juan River. You can rent an inner tube down the river alone or ride in a raft with other passengers and have your guide. I believe you can even bring your tube. Though we didn’t ride the river this time, we did spend much of the day at the natural hot springs. It seems this is a trendy thing to do in the summer and the winter months. I would call first to make sure they are operating. You never know about tourist towns, and their different climates can affect certain activities.

This kid sure knows how to have fun. Our Day Trip to Pagosa Springs, Colorado, just got better!!

Pagosa Springs natural hot springs

Playing in the mud is very popular here. The kids were not the only ones digging in the ground and putting mud all over their bodies.

So, while we were all enjoying the hot springs, Valeria slipped out and stood in line for Lion King tickets. We watched the movie in an old theater right there in town. It was opening night, and the theater was almost full. I noticed many couples were there without children. I guess adults like Lion King too!

Did I mention fishing, kayaking, and lots of walking around too? Yep, all that and more!

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