Mother-Daughter Colorado Road Trip

Mother-Daughter Colorado Road Trip

Our Mother-Daughter Colorado road trip brought us closer together.

One of my favorite states to vacation in is Colorado! This time my mom and I took a much-needed break to see our extended family in Grand Junction. We couldn’t think of a better way to go than to fly to Denver for our mother-daughter Colorado road trip.

Living in Texas, Colorado and New Mexico always seemed like the perfect places to vacation. On this trip, we flew to Denver, picked up a car at the airport, and ventured out along Hwy 77 to Grand Junction, CO. Driving on unknown roads, we were as happy as possible. This road trip is our mother-daughter vacation in a nutshell. Not to mention a very blessed Mother’s Day for both of us.

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Mother-Daughter Colorado Road Trip

First off, flights to Denver at this time of year were cheap…very cheap. So, we decided to fly and get a vehicle for the road trip to Grand Junction. I was able to score a 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander SEL S-AWC in exchange for writing about our experience.

After landing and getting the car, we headed west to Idaho Springs, where we had lunch with my cousins at Beau Jo’s Pizza. I have to say that it was the BEST pizza I have ever had. Since it was getting late, we decided to stay the night in Glenwood Springs.

Before heading to Grand Junction the next day, our adventures begin here!

What to do in Glenwood Springs, CO

The tram ride at Glenwood Caverns – Mountaintop Adventure Park was fun, a little stuffy, but when we got up to the mountain, we saw such beautiful scenery, scenes we would never see in Texas, so it was fantastic. We toured both caves. I learned quite a lot about caves in general. Our hotel gave us a coupon for the tram, so check with your hotel before heading here.

Mother-Daughter Colorado Road Trip

Glenwood Caverns Highlights

  • Take the tram to where the adventure begins
  • Cave Tours
    • King’s Row
    • Historic Fairy Cave
  • Thrill rides include the Cliffhanger roller coaster, zip ride, canyon flyer, and more
  • food
  • gift shop
  • 4D Motion Theater
  • Laser Tag

Check it out

Mother-Daughter Colorado Road Trip

Our Mother-Daughter Colorado road trip just got better when we arrived at Iron Mountain Hot Springs. I only wished we had enough time to enjoy it. We didn’t realize how much Glenwood Springs had to offer, so we stayed there for a while. Not much planning went into this part of the trip, as our primary focus was getting to Grand Junction to visit the family we hadn’t seen in years.

Iron Mountain Hot Springs – Glenwood Springs, CO

Mother-Daughter Colorado Road Trip

Iron Mountain Hot Springs Highlights

  • 16 pools for adults; one huge pool for family
  • Fourteen minerals are in the water – iron, sulfate, chloride, sodium, and calcium are the five most abundant.
  • huge bathhouse
  • Sand Bar
  • cafe with a covered patio and indoor fireplace
  • gift store

Mother-Daughter Colorado Road Trip

A Texas girl in Colorado with California license plates driving a 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander up and down the mountains between the Denver airport to Grand Junction, CO.  – a vehicle loan I was able to get for our road trip. You can see my full write-up here >>>2017 Mitsubishi Outlander SEL S-AWC.

Next is our time in Grand Junction, CO, with family going antiquing, visiting small towns, visiting Two Rivers Winery and Chateau, and my trip to Aspen.

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