Rocky Mountain Colorado Summer Vacation Spots

The Rockies have never looked so good. Here is another mountain vacation my family took this summer. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of visiting this area. Here is our Colorado Summer Vacation spots we visited and that were spot on!

Rocky Mountain Colorado Summer Vacation spots
My family in Colorado

I’m sure it’s evident by now that I LOVE the mountains. It seems that’s the only family traveling posts I’m writing these days.

Rocky Mountain Colorado Summer Vacation Spots

We started late in the day from our home in Texas and made it as far as Amarillo. The next morning we headed to our cabin in the rocky mountains. The majority of our vacation was in the town of Almont, which is located right smack in the middle of Crested Butte and Gunnison. We spent a day in Crested Butte and a day in Gunnison, and the rest was in Almont and the cutest, most quaint small town of Tincup.

Vacationing in Colorado in the summer is not only beautiful it’s a must if you love nature.

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Crested Butte Colorado Summer Vacation

Rocky Mountain Colorado Summer Vacation

Rocky Mountain Colorado Summer Vacation

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Almont Colorado Summer Vacation

A town, not too many visitors know about. We didn’t realize this until we arrived, but this town LOVES ATVs. These roadsters are so prevalent here, we were told the ATV National Convention is held in this town because everyone here owns one…or two…or even more than three. The people that let us stay in their homes had three, but we only needed one. I think most of our time here was spent riding around in the “RZR.” Even my granddaughter got to drive. This was the highlight of her vacation.

Not only does Almont have trails and trails for ATVs, but they also have this beautiful lake with lots of trout in it. We got to enjoy this boat and fishing for the day. Layla caught her first fish, and Brody got one too. Tracy skinned the fish and left them for the house owner to enjoy. If you want to see a massive smile on a kid’s face, just let them fish, then watch when they catch one.

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Tincup Colorado: A Very Quaint Small Town

Tincup has to be the cutest town I’ve ever visited. About 1000 residents or less, one church, one gift store, one restaurant, a snow cone stand, a BBQ pit, and a lot of mountains and trails to wander around on. Oh, yea, and a lake. No much, but this is a hopping little town for sure. You can undoubtedly find homes for sale and vacation homes to rent too.

A trip to Tincup completed our Colorado summer vacation. I’d love to visit again.

Gunnison Colorado

Gunnison is a neat town. We happened upon an outdoor market in which we looked all around, and I bought a few things. I always like to buy unusual things from crafters. We also went to the museum, ate lunch, and walked up and down the main street.

Our Rocky Mountain Colorado Summer Vacation was so much fun. I’m glad my granddaughter got to go with us. Can’t wait until next year when we travel to the mountains again!

I love Colorado, but I want to see one of the World’s Seven Natural Wonders next year!

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