Fun Places To Take Your Motorcycle

Fun Places To Take Your Motorcycle

Here are fun places to take your motorcycle in California, Chicago, and the East Coast.

Motorcyclists have the perfect opportunity to experience America’s beautiful highways on their terms. Check out these fun places to take your motorcycle.

How do you like to vacation? Do you enjoy jet-setting across the oceans? Or do you prefer road-tripping through unknown territory? No matter where you seek your adventure, you can always spice it up with your motorcycle.

Places to Take Your Motorcycle

Where are you off to next? Have you been down the Pacific Coast Highway yet? I hear it’s a fun drive to take as long as the traffic isn’t too bad. What about a ride along the roads of a beach? I recently got to take a motorcycle ride along the Gulf in Galveston. My Uncle has a Harley, and he took me for a long ride with his Blue Knights brothers and sisters. It was a true experience for my son and me. Read our motorcycle ride through Galveston and see how my son traveled the same roads I did.

Now, it’s your turn. Here are a few fun places to take your motorcycle.

Take Your Motorcycle On The Pacific Coast Highway

The Pacific Coast Highway takes travelers down the California coast. If you want a scenic seaside drive, you can do no better in the continental United States. Take your motorcycle out for a ride along the West Coast, and check out the seascapes for yourself. The best way to experience the Pacific Coast Highway is to travel from north to south, starting on State Route 1 up near Leggett.

California State Route 36

Do you enjoy twisting and turning in the middle of towering, lush forests? If so, California State Route 36 is for you. Between sharp curves, elevation changes, and more, this stretch of highway is excellent for the motorcyclist wanting a bit more thrill in their life. The path even works its way through a part of the Redwood Forest. Enjoy the challenging drive and unbelievable scenery from your motorcycle on California State Route 36.

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Route 66

One of the oldest and most well-known American highways, Route 66 spans from Chicago to Santa Monica. Along the way, the most extensive stretch of the highway lies in Arizona, where the days turn hot. If you plan to take this ride across the great American West, make sure to pack plenty of water and gear to protect yourself from the sunshine. While the route may be a little long, it is historic and wild, tracing through many underused roads.

Blue Ridge Parkway

Suppose you are looking for a bigger adventure, head over to the east coast. Blue Ridge Parkway is one of the most iconic and scenic routes out there. Bending and twisting through the Blue Ridge area of the Appalachian Mountains, you cannot beat the fresh forested air of this highway. Blue Ridge Parkway has something to offer everyone with a mix of country road straightaways and hillside roads. Plan a cross-country road trip and travel coast to coast on your bike this summer.

Check out all of these fun places to take your motorcycle, and bring a friend along for the ride. Before you set out, though, be sure your machine is working correctly. Take your bike to the shop and fix it up with a few performance upgrades. That way, you can enjoy the whole ride without worrying about your vehicle’s limitations.

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