Multigen Road Trip To Tennessee

My son had an extra two days tacked on to his spring break this year, making it an excellent time for a long road trip. I wanted to include my mom because she’s been under stress lately. So I planned a multigenerational road trip to Tennessee, driving up one way and back home another way – passing through several states we’ve never visited.

Our Multigenerational Journey through Tennessee

Our multigenerational road trip to Tennessee did us all some good.

Whenever I can take my mom on trips, I do. It keeps her young and happy! Here we go! First and foremost, I’m thankful we got to go on this road trip before the pandemic took place. We watched it unfold at my friend’s house during the latter part of our journey. We cut our road trip one day short so that we could get home.

Multigenerational travel is on the rise and the current way we like to travel. Have you done it?

Road Trip To Tennessee

We left out on Friday, March 6th, after picking my son up early from school. We headed to Little Rock, AR, where we had a great dinner at Corky’s Barbeque and spent the night in a Marriott Courtyard Hotel close to downtown. The next day, we were off to Natchez Trace Campground in Hohenwald, Tennessee, for a couple of days of camping. When we arrived after hours, our friends, Becky and Larry, who live in Tennessee, already set up their RV campsite. They scoured the premises and located our cabin, so they were able to take us straight there.

The next day, we had a blast hiking in the woods, roasting s’ mores, and playing cards. The above link will take you to the post I wrote about our camping trip.

Multigenerational Road Trip through Tennessee

Becky and Larry moved to Tennessee from Texas over twenty years ago, which is why I decided to take a road trip to Tennessee. Seeing her and reminiscing about the olden days was the best part of our trip.

Becky has done her homework on TN. She knew so much about the state’s history, which made our 2-hour drive from Natchez Trace to her house very interesting. I had no idea this is where Jack Daniel’s makes its whiskey.

Can you believe Becky and I are 60 years old? Well, I will be later this year. We have been friends since grade school – 3rd grade, to be exact. She and I lived in the same neighborhood for years. We have an extraordinary friendship still today. There wasn’t a minute that went by that we weren’t talking about something from our childhood days or current issues. And, with my mom there, we had so much to reminiscing to do.

Lawrenceburg, TN Road Trip Through Tennessee

While we were camping at Natchez Trace, we took a ride to Lawrenceburg to see David Crockett lived. When Becky told Brody that this was the place where David Crockett lived, a state park named after him, he was excited to check it out. You see, his fourth-grade class had a trip planned to visit the Alamo in San Antonio later this month, and he knew David Crockett was part of that. Sadly we learned that trip got canceled due to COVID-19. But still, he’s excited to tell his teacher and friends about the trip when he gets to see them again.

PS. We called him “Davey” Crockett back in the day.

We walked around the state park and had a picnic.

After spending three fun nights camping, we drove to Becky’s house in Tullahoma, TN. She had already planned a few things for us to see and do. She knows I love waterfalls and that Brody loves art. One day, she took us to Rutledge Falls, and on our last night there, she instructed Brody on how to paint a cabin scene. More on that below.

Waterfall At Rutledge Falls, TN

I couldn’t begin to tell you what all my friends told us about the history of this place. All I know is that we were in awe the whole time. The falls are gorgeous, and the surroundings are surreal.

Multigenerational Road Trip through Tennessee

Becky has many talents, and painting is one of them. They painted up in her studio.

When you get around someone you grew up with, there’s no telling what you’ll do. Us below being silly in Bell Buckle, TN.

What a fantastic trip we all had on our multigenerational trip. Tennessee is again on my bucket list to visit. Next time, it’s the Smokey Mountains Adventure Travel!

Until then, it’s okay to dream and plan your next trip. One way I am doing it is with the new Scratch Off USA Map. You’ve got to see this if you’re into traveling and wanting to visit all states.

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  1. Wow! This looks like so much fun and exciting road trip with your son and mom! I can see that you all had a wonderful time. Must do this with my son, too!

  2. I’ve lived in TN my whole life and haven’t been to any of these places!! Adding to my list, and I’m so glad you guys had a good road trip through our beautiful state!

    • Well, you’ve missed some beautiful scenery and history then. Glad you’re going to add this area to your list!! Have fun and stay safe.


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