Tips for Camping with Small Dogs

Tips for Camping with Small Dogs

These tips for camping with small dogs will save you a lot of stressful moments while camping.

Are you thinking about taking your precious lap dogs camping with you? If so, you need these tips for camping with small dogs! There are so many positive reasons for taking your dog camping, but you need to prepare for things as well. If you’re looking for the top tips for camping with animals, make sure to take notes and start getting prepared.

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Camping With Small Dogs

My small dogs come along with us on road trips, camping trips, to the store — everywhere I’m allowed to take them. They love it, and I love it. If bringing dogs camping is a must for you, please read on.

How can you not take this precious dog along where ever you go? She’s a ham but loves to tag-a-long.

Just remember that small dogs are lap dogs (usually), and going places that they’ve never been will require them to be in your lap more often than at home. At least mine do.

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Is It Safe To Take A Small Dog Camping?

As long as you’re treating your dog well and mindful of the campground rules, it is safe to take your dog camping. Be aware that camping during the summer often does mean high temperatures, which can be harmful to a dog. It would be best if you were sure that you have water bowls kept full at all times so that they don’t get dehydrated. Also, bring their dog bowls and pack extra dog food just in case it’s needed.

You’ll also want to be sure to pack a leash and abide by all the campground rules so there isn’t a worry about the safety of your dog. Plus, small dogs are usually yappers, with that said, make sure your dog doesn’t do that past the camping curfew. I know, because mine yap a lot!

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Tips for Camping with Small Dogs

How Do I Keep My Dog In A Tent Or Cabin?

We cabin camp, but depending on the type of camping you’re going to be doing, you might need to keep your dog in a tent or your cabin while you’re off doing something they can’t do. Some dogs won’t have any issue with this, but it might be an overwhelming experience for others.

The biggest camping tip to remember is to do your best to prepare your dog for its new surroundings. If tent camping, put up the tent in your house and let them get inside to get used to it. This way, they’ll get the feel of the tent and start to understand what will be expected of them while camping.

Otherwise, when you get to your cabin, let them get used to their surroundings as you would. Don’t just get there and lock them up. Let your dogs play and roam around.

Another way is to set up their kennel in your tent or cabin (we did this) because they are used to that and won’t feel abandoned if you need to go somewhere they can’t go. This way is easy to keep your dog in a tent if you don’t have a ton of time to train or prepare them before your camping trip.

More Tips for Camping With Small Dogs

Now that you know a few simple camping tips, here are a couple more to consider. Overall, your biggest worry should be about doing everything you can to make it an enjoyable camping experience for all. Taking small dogs camping with you is almost like taking small children camping.

Respect Your Fellow Campers

One of the biggest reasons people get frustrated with campers who bring their dogs is that they leave their dogs at the campsite all day long, and the dog barks the whole day. This isn’t good campground etiquette. And small dogs are yappers anyway — not good.

If you take your dog camping, don’t leave your dog for long periods.

Pick Up After Your Dog

Even though people are camping in nature, the last thing they want to deal with is the remnants of your dog. Please pick up your dog’s bathroom excrements so no one else has to deal with them later. Just yesterday, we visited a state park where we had to walk right next to dog feces. It was gross, and it stunk so bad. The owner did not have the decency to pick it up.

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Always Keep Your Dog On A Leash

Again, it’s imperative to remember – always keep your dog on a leash when going for walks, as well as hanging around the tent or cabin. There is no reason that your dog should ever be roaming around the campground.

Bring The Right Camping Gear For Dogs

Should it get cold at night, your small dog may need a sweater. I’m all about clothing my dogs in proper dog gear to keep them extra warm. And, don’t forget to bring their blanket from home. They need the comfort of the home too. Some campers bring their pillow from home, so remember that your dogs also need to feel comfortable, and bringing their things from home will surely help.

Now that you know the top tips for taking your dog camping, it’s time to start planning! You and your dog(s) are going to have such a wonderful camping experience.

Do you have any other tips for taking your dog camping?

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