Veggie Skewer Camping Recipe + Camping Food Must-haves

Veggie Skewer Camping Recipe + Camping Food Must-haves

Veggie Skewer Camping Recipe + Camping Food Must-haves

Camping wouldn’t be fun without the proper camping food. So today, I am sharing an excellent recipe for your next camping trip, plus a list of must-have camping foods that I compiled from research and my trusting camping friends! Veggie Skewer Camping Recipe + Camping Food Must-haves. My affiliate links are in this post.

Spring camping is upon us, and summer camping is not far behind. Have you started your food list yet? Below is an excellent recipe you will want to make on your camping grill. It will satisfy everyone in your group. Also, check out the camping food must-haves that I compiled for you.

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Veggie Skewer Camping Recipe + Camping Food Must-haves

Veggie Skewer Camping Recipe

Grab an apron, and don’t forget to bring along your camping grill and firepit accessories, or make sure the camping site has a grill and get ready to cook up some veggies.


  • red onion, red pepper, yellow squash, mushrooms, zucchini, green peppers (or veggies of your choice)
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • kosher sea salt
  • crushed peppercorn medley
  • wooden or metal skewers


  1. Clean and slice your vegetables into big chunks so they hold their flavor and stand out. You could also do the prepping at home the day before you go camping. I would.
  2. Toss your veggies in 1-2 Tablespoons of olive oil.
  3. Take your cut veggies and add them to the skewers one at a time, leaving room on both ends to hold and place on the fire.
  4. Place on the grate of a campfire grill and keep a close eye on them. The temperature in an open flame environment can vary, but five minutes on each side is typically right. Rotate and cook for another five minutes.
  5. Once you start to notice a bit of char on your veggies, you can pull them from the fire.
  6. Let them cool slightly before touching as they will be hot.
  7. Once the veggies have cooled down a bit, remove and add into a bowl or on your plate — top with a sprinkle of kosher sea salt and some crushed peppercorn medley.

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Veggie Skewer Camping Recipe + Camping Food Must-haves

Camping Food Must-Haves

Speaking of camping food must-haves, here’s a rundown on favorite foods to take camping. Though there were many excellent food choices out on the web and from my Facebook friends (I took a poll), I’ll try to keep this list somewhat healthy for you!

Besides the apparent s’ mores (which was everyone’s favorite from the poll I took, there are good food choices for your next camping adventure.

  • Banana Boats (bananas, nut butter, chocolate, and marshmallows if you must)
  • Trail Mix with dried fruit
  • Bacon (second most favorable from the poll I took)
  • Beef Jerky
  • Eggs for omelets
  • Potatoes and onions for breakfast
  • Instant coffee
  • Stuff to make sandwiches
  • Make-ahead meals (beef stew, my blender soups (link coming soon), sausage potato goulash, etc.
  • and, don’t forget all the veggies for the veggie skewer recipe

Would you add anything else to this list of best foods to take camping?

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Enjoy this veggie skewer camping recipe and happy camping!

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