Camping Gear to Match Your Lifestyle

So, what type of camper are you? Yes, it’s a thing. Read on to see which type of camper you identify with then get the camping gear to match your lifestyle. You’re then ready to hit the road to that far off place you’ve wanted to camp!

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Camping Gear to Match Your Lifestyle

Camping Gear to Match Your Lifestyle

The most fearless campers may just as well be happy to backpack in the wild, sleep in their clothes, and leave all the home comforts behind. These campers are so glad to camp with just a few essentials. Others prefer camping amenities such as showers, cooking gear, two-room tents, comfy blankets, and sweaters.

Considering the type of campers who like to go further away from the beaten path probably do not need to dress in stylish camping gear or cook on top of a top-notch camping grill. The green-minded person is well situated with less. And, as for the gourmet camper, they probably will bring the whole kitchen – including the kitchen sink (ha). The techno camper will have the latest line of camping gadgets to play with while camping. There is camping gear available now to match your lifestyle.

Fashion-conscious Camper

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The fashion-conscious camper can head off to the wilderness in a rather sophisticated designer-looking solar fan hat. A popular style is one that resembles a safari hat but with a built-in solar panel to power the fan allowing for cooling air on the hottest of days. There is also an excellent range of thermal silk socks and long johns available for those cold nights, which are a significant improvement looks-wise on the older style thermals. Is this you?

Eco-Friendly Summer Camping Checklist(Opens in a new browser tab)

Gear for the Fashion Camper:

  • mix and match clothing
  • blow dryer, curling iron, etc. (providing there’s an electrical outlet)
  • makeup
  • fingernail polish
  • cotton sweaters – thermals – pj’s – all her nice ones
  • Wifi for sure for her Instagram selfies
  • beanie hat and other stylish hats (for her selfies)


Techno Camper

A techno camper may reluctantly leave all the usual electronics behind when seeking a camping vacation (because someone asked him/her to). Still, I bet the smart one will pack (or hide) their must-have techno toy to take along to deal with the possible lack of “there’s nothing to do.”

Gear for the Techno Camper:

  • radio
  • headphones
  • iPod
  • Wifi for sure
  • all the electronics his partner will allow – ha!


Why Tiny House Living is Healthier(Opens in a new browser tab)

There is a special hammock camping tent on the market, which could very well appeal to all lifestyle campers. It comes complete with a built-in mosquito net and rain cover and is lightweight and the latest in high technology.

However, if a not-so-fancy hammock is what you’re looking for, the all-new Nomadik Subscriptions Get the Welcome Box (with Hammock) It’s pretty darn cool. We have one, and here it is! My son is happily taking a rest and reading a book that I propped up in front of him so I could take this shot – ha!

Camping Gear to Match Your Lifestyle

Do you see any camping gear to match your lifestyle yet?


Gadget Camper

Camping Gear to Match Your Lifestyle

The Gadget Camper is the person you want to have around while camping as they come packed with all types of gadgets needed to fix anything. Got a hole in your tent, they’ll that the tape to fix it. Need a match because you forgot to bring some, they’ll have it. Perhaps you need an odd screwdriver to fix something out of the norm – chances are, the Gadget Camper is going to have that tool to fix it. Do you know anyone who can’t go anywhere without their gadgets? Level up your game with gadgets from Nomadik

Must-have Gadget Gear:

  • Stormproof matches – why, yes that’s a thing
  • repair kit – top-notch at that!
  • a FixNZip – yep, a zipper fixer
  • hooks of all kinds
  • multi-tools
  • safety pins
  • fire-starter
  • scissors
  • flashlight/headlight
  • whistle
  • and the list goes on

Must-Have Emergency Kit for Adventures(Opens in a new browser tab)

The Green Camper

The green camper won’t want to leave any traces of human habitation in the natural environment. You’re the one who will carry along a portable folding toilet, provided with waste bags to carry home and dispose of in a suitably green manner. You’re the perfect camper to want to know these Simple Tips to Take Care of the Great Outdoors so you can be on top of it all when camping.

Gear for the Green Camper:

  • a portable folding toilet (Ewww, really!)
  • litter bags
  • doggie bags
  • anything that’s good for the environment – and that’s not a bad thing either!

Gourmet Campers

Gourmet campers will have a full range of camping cookware, which will enable them to cook up a feast in the most unlikely of places. Food can be cooked up with flair rather than warming up processed canned food or living off hot dogs. A mini camping espresso machine is a must-have in addition to taking along a full spectrum cooking machine for steaks and this Veggie Skewer Recipe.

Gourmet Gear Musts:

  • recipes
  • espresso machine
  • upscale camping cooking equipment
  • cutting board
  • “sharp” knife
  • all types of cast-iron pans
  • griddle
  • possible a dutch oven
  • oh, and mixing bowls, spoons, measuring cups
  • and the list goes on here as well!


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There is an array of camping gear available to suit anyone’s lifestyle. If you happen to be a fashion-conscious green gourmet with techno interests, there is no need to forgo any part of your lifestyle while enjoying an adventurous camping trip.

The Nomadik Boxes will inspire you to get outside by delivering the best-in-class gear directly to your doorstep. Get started today!

So, after reading this – WHAT TYPE OF CAMPER ARE YOU?

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  1. I’m the “Glamper” camper. My family keeps trying to talk me into going camping and I just can’t bring myself to do it yet.


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