A Weekend In Frisco TX With My Bestie

When was the last time you spent some time in Friso, TX? I’m amazed at how the town has changed since the last time I was there. There are so many fun things to do in the “new” part of Frisco and downtown. Here is how a weekend in Frisco, TX, with my best friend went down. I was hosted in Frisco for a weekend. All opinions here are my own.

A Weekend In Frisco TX With My Bestie

A Weekend In Frisco, TX With Your Bestie Will Do You Good!

If going to Frisco for the weekend wasn’t enough fun for us to look forward to, I also had the privilege of driving a 2021 Cadillac Escalade for review purposes for A Girls Guide To Cars – talk about going in style! Wow, as I said above, Frisco has changed tremendously, and this town is going places. Please keep reading to see what we did for fun!

We had an enjoyable 2-night stay at the Hyatt Regency that was adjacent to The Stonebriar Mall. We didn’t even have to go outside and get into the car (although that would not have bothered us) — we just walked out of the hotel into the hall of the mall, turned a corner, and there we were. Perfect!

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Party Time In Frisco At Pipe & Palette

A Weekend In Frisco TX With My Bestie
Eve and I at Pipe & Palette making a splattered canvas. I can’t think of a better way to party!

Eve and I had a great time sipping wine and splattering our canvas at Pipe & Palette – inside Stonebriar Mall, close to Dillards.

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A Fun Escape Room In Frisco, TX

Eve and I, after NOT escaping! But it was a blast.

Have you ever done an Escape Room? Even though we did not escape, we had fun. Countdown 2 Escape is in the Rail District (downtown Frisco).

Shopping Weekend In Frisco, TX

Shopping at Flea Style, having brunch at Heirloom Haul, then trying on hats at The Bar.

Our favorite place to shop and a place I’ll go back to is Flea Style – a unique clothing store for chics. I don’t usually wear hats as I don’t think I look good wearing them, but we both loved The Bar — a space inside the store selling custom hats where they even help you customize your new hat with accessories they find at vintage and thrift stores. I might become a hat person, after all.

The Heirloom Haul tea room is perfect for chics like us!!

Restaurants In Frisco, TX

Oh, where do I begin! From upscale to family dining to grab & go, there’s a little bit of everything in Frisco that everyone in your party will enjoy. We did not go hungry on our weekend in Frisco, TX! We had a couple of set places to have lunch and dinner, but there are plenty of restaurants to choose from …and then some. You will not go hungry either! What you will want to do is make reservations, especially on the weekend. It can get a bit crowded during lunch and dinner and after church on Sunday. It’s best to look up restaurants in Frisco, TX, near The Star or anywhere else you’re looking at, find your favorite, then call to make reservations.

Eve and I enjoying a late lunch at Eight 11 Place in The Rail District of Frisco, TX

I love that parking is free and plentiful where ever we went. You may have to park a little far in The Star District if you don’t get there early, but after all, it’s a beautiful, walkable area, and that’s what you’ll be doing –walking. You’ll find picture-worthy places, manicured lawns, gorgeous flowers growing everywhere. There’s free parking on side streets and the main road in the Rail District going through town. I do love that area. What I love the most are the old homes that have been remodeled into restaurants and boutiques. We didn’t spend enough time down there, so that’s a reason to go back.

It was a bit chilly when we were there, so luckily, I brought enough scarves for the both of us. I always try to bring at least two scarves with my outfits, but we wore them to keep warm this time.

Here are the restaurants we enjoyed:

J. Theodore – provides a beautiful dinner and a speakeasy lounge called Rare Books Bar adjacent to it. We ordered the best Smoked Old Fashion that was better than I’ve ever had—another reason to return.

Eight 11 Place – we had a nice lunch out on their back lawn. Live music was getting ready to play as we were leaving.

Tupelo Honey – had the best buttermilk biscuits ever! That’s what they are known for – look them up!

Heirloom Haul – We enjoyed a lovely brunch before our shopping spree at Flea Style. It’s a charming place to take your daughters, mothers, best friend – heck; we saw plenty of men there too!

I am leaving you with one good-looking way to present a Smoked Old Fashion!

And don’t forget the conversations you’ll have with your best friend when you two go away for the weekend.

For things to do this weekend in Frisco, TX, refer to VisitFrisco.

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