How To Prepare Your Car for Travel With Pets  

How To Prepare Your Car for Travel With Pets

If you travel with pets, you must prepare your car for the ride with these tips.

Pets don’t always make the best traveling companions on road trips. But they love going places with their owners. Today, I’m sharing some tips on how to prepare your car for travel with pets, so you both can enjoy the ride! Let’s go!

Do you road trip with your favorite kitty or doggie? The journey can be filled with fun or fraught with fury. Ensure you maintain, equip, and pack your car with the necessary items and accommodations to make the trip easier on them.

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Travel With Pets

It’s fun to bring along your pets. My dogs love to go places with me and are sad when they can’t go. So when they can travel with me, I bring part of my family along. Here’s how to prepare your car for travel with pets to ensure you both arrive intact and ready to play!

Take Care Of Your Car

Taking care of your car is one of those things you’re probably doing already but should accomplish before going anywhere long distance. Bring your car in for an all-point inspection. Ask them to pay special attention to the tires, including the spare. A new set of properly inflated tires can ensure an even and uneventful ride. Oil, transmission, wiper, brake, and other fluids should also be inspected, measured, and possibly drained and replaced by a professional. Have your brakes looked at to see if the pads are holding up, and afterward, take it to a detailer for an inside and out cleaning. Even a clean car will become messy over an extended trip with a pet, making it easier to deal with sudden messes immediately.

Provide A Place To Rest

You might have one of those life-loving adorable pups who can’t get enough of driving. Then again, you may have a pet who prefers seeing the world beneath its paws as they cover its head. Either way, provide a comfy spot for your pet to sit, relax, and possibly hide. Carriers provide security and comfort, depending on the carrier’s size and your pet’s size. They can be secured to the back seat floor or the seat itself. If your pet feels they must be in the front seat with you, a carrier is best for safety’s sake. Otherwise, most pets make do with a large, cozy blanket over the back seat. Pet hammocks can also be strung up from the neck rests.

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Put Together A Pet Kit

Hopefully, your car already has a road emergency kit equipped with jumper cables, road flares, a first aid kit, a blanket, and the like. Now you need to pack a pet emergency kit! A properly fitted kit requires pet food, emergency water, and receptacles from which they can eat and drink. Also include prescription drugs, clothes, paper towels, spray cleaner, favorite toys, a comb, brush, shampoo for dirty emergencies, and bags to dispose of waste. Be prepared for messy backseat accidents and take care of them immediately.

Make A Plan In Case Something Goes Wrong

When considering how to prepare your car for travel with pets, forecast a future where anything can go wrong, then figure out how to keep it from happening. Ask your vet if they can recommend vets in the area of the place where you’re going. Call ahead to hotels and recreational areas to see whether they’re pet-friendly. Finally, plan exercise road stops along the way, as this will allow your furry friend to get rid of their excess energy with a quick run.

I hope How To Prepare Your Car for Travel With Pets makes you less stressed.

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