Pet-Friendly Hotel Where Pets Stay Free

Pet-Friendly Hotel Where Pets Stay Free

Pet parents – check out this pet-friendly hotel where pets stay free.

Have you always wanted to bring your pet along when you travel but thought finding a hotel with pet-friendly accommodations would be next to impossible? Or would the extra charge of having them stay in your hotel room be too expensive? I thought that, too, until I came across this wonderful pet-friendly hotel. Read on to see where you can book pet-friendly guest rooms with no additional fees.

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Pet-Friendly Hotel Where Pets Stay Free

I have wanted to take my dogs on road trips with me for so long, but honestly, I thought it would be too expensive for the extra pet fee to bring them. My furry friends are part of our family and love going places with us. I’m happy to let you know (in case you didn’t) of Red Roof’s no pet fee policy. Also, I recently stayed at Red Roof Inn Denton, and my dogs came with me. And, yes, If you’re wondering, they welcome cats too.

My dogs are attached to my hip, and they don’t like it when I leave them for a day or two! If they could travel with me most of the time, that would be great. Taking road trips is what I do the most in my travel writing career, and I’m not too fond of the thought of having to leave them behind every time. Because of Red Roof’s no additional cost for a pet in their guests’ rooms, I now don’t have to…and that makes me happy!

Pet-Friendly Hotel Where Pets Stay Free
In the lobby of Red Roof Inn Denton, TX

Look For The Red Roof Where Pets Stay Free

I’m so glad to have come across a pet-friendly hotel with an excellent room rate, clean hotel rooms, free Wi-Fi, and comfortable beds for humans but is also pet-friendly. Don’t worry, pet travelers –  there is no additional charge for your pets to stay with you. This is reassuring to pet owners who want to travel with their family pets. It’s a great option when you have a pet that is too nervous about staying with anyone else.

Red Roof prides itself on being an upscale economy hotel that provides travelers with a place to stay with or without their pets all over the United States. To find discount offers, please go here – Hotel Deals, Discounts, & Coupons | Red Roof Inn

Cissy and Cody at Red Roof

Red Roof Inn, Denton, TX

Red Roof Inn Denton offered great service during my stay. The person greeted me behind the front desk with a smile, and he took care of me right away. I had a suite, and there was plenty of space for my dogs and me to roam around the hotel guest room. I made sure to bring everything my dogs needed, including their dog bed, so they would have a nice place to sleep on the floor next to the bed.

Also, if you’re in the area, you’ll be happy to know that there are a few pet-friendly restaurants in Denton, TX. I ate at Greenhouse Restaurants located on Locust Street, where they accommodated me on the patio. Cissy and Cody lay underneath the table while I ate –It was perfect. Rusty Taco on Hickory Street is another restaurant that welcomes pets.

Queen Beds Red Roof Inn Denton, TX

Pet-Friendly Hotel Where Pets Stay Free

The next morning I got up early to hit the Denton Community Market for fresh vegetables and homemade soaps. The dogs got complimentary treats, and Cissy was the center of attention with her little black tutu.

Red Roof Pet-Friendly Policy

Red Roof is a pet-friendly hotel where pets stay free at most locations. One domestic pet per guest is allowed; however, additional pets may be permitted free of charge at management’s discretion. Be sure to call the hotel directly before arrival and let them know the number of pets you want to bring. For additional information about the hotel’s pet policy agreement and pet-friendly locations, please review the hotel information online at

Okay, pet owners, grab the pet beds, food bowls, water bowls, litter boxes, and all your family members, and let’s go! When you’re ready – please go here to find Red Roof locations – Find & Book Cheap Hotels | Red Roof Inn

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