A Complete Guide To Traveling With Your Pet

A Complete Guide To Traveling With Your Pet

Here is a guide to traveling with your pet this holiday or any time.

So, is your pet all set for a Christmas trip to Uncle Joe’s? How’s your pet’s travel luggage and all the necessities? Your preparation and patience will not go unnoticed by your precious pet(s) and will help your pet get the most fun. Here is a complete guide to traveling with your pet to help your trip run smoothly.

Before the flight, you’ll want to keep pet travel up-to-date and ready – from airline or transport carrier permission, government or state regulations on health record, vaccination history, biomarkers, collar tags, winter clothes, and diet. It would be best to have a packing checklist to help you and your furry friend enjoy the ride with no bother. Here is a complete guide to traveling with your pet for a hassle-free trip.

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A Complete Guide To Traveling With Your Pet
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Travel And Security Papers to Traveling With Your Pet

Now that your pet is wagging her tail thinking of the holiday trip, her travel documentation is essential. Check pet travel policies on the airline’s website for rules and regulations. Check the guidelines before you leave for the airport to find any new notifications. Microchip your pet ahead of domestic or international travel.

The size of your pet is another criterion to check before planning out your pet’s trip. While some airline carriers allow pets of one size to travel in the cabin seat, some refuse animal travel altogether. Different airline carriers have other policies for pet travel. Pay utmost attention to getting a ‘No Objection Certificate’ from a quarantine center for your pet. Be prepared for more expenses on pet quarantine laws. Also, go through the U.S. Department Of Agriculture for updated pet travel requirements from the US to other countries.

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Comfort And Grooming Kit

Create a list of things to increase your pet’s comfort during the flight. Buy calming products like lavender oil to sprinkle inside the carrier for a soothing effect. A stuffed animal toy, blanket, and pillow raise the pets’ comfort level along with rain jackets and safety vests.

Carry grooming supplies like air fresheners to health guard your pet. Neatening accessories like a brush or comb, towel, and tweezers (in case of a tick bite) will help your pet score on cleanliness. Don’t forget to add trendy dog collars to make your pet look fashionable on the plane.

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Health And Hygiene Documents

Aside from the comfy pet carriers and sturdy leash/harness, get your pet’s medical records and prescription medications in order before putting him on the traveler’s seat. Some items include vet-approved first-aid kits, relaxants (consider packing hemp treats to calm your dog), a travel water bottle and dispenser, collapsible dog bowls, poop bags, wet wipes, and paper towels to pack for the trip.

Immunizations, rabies certificates, blood tests, specific vaccines for flea and tick prevention, and stress reduction during travel are critical points ahead of your pet’s journey.


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Diet And Nutrition Needs

Your pet is looking forward to a travel break but unfamiliar with the new place and people. Changing its diet may not go well with your pet. Carry more dry food for your pet’s journey. It will last him for extended travel and is easy to carry and mess-free. If your pet prefers canned or fresh food, make shipping arrangements.

Depending on the destination and travel time, your pet’s hunger needs may increase. Keep enough stock of regular food items and emergency food to last your pet for the journey in case of fever or ill-health. Some hotels can specially organize your pets’ favorite food if you plan it ahead of time. Feed your pet 4-5 hours before travel. Give your pet a bathroom break before boarding the flight.

Register On Pet Resources

If your pet’s first travel break is outside of the city, use the help of gadgets and apps to make your cat or dog’s trip easier and secure. Lookup a Pet Insurance plan for coverage and cost. GPS trackers and Pet Travel apps make pet-friendly places and services exploration a breeze. From pet parks, daycare, hikes, and trails to playdates, your pets will have a frolicking good time when you check out the Pet Cloud.

More Tips For Pet Travel

Packing for pets is a sensitive job where you need to have sharp ears and watchful eyes. Here are some pointers for your pet care during travel.

  • Talk to the airline staff before boarding the flight in the interest of your pet.
  • Keep your pets away from eating heavy meals before flying.
  • Your pets are not used to the drinking water in a new place, so carry bottled water.
  • Confirm from your airline carrier whether they have loaded your pet on board in the cargo, if not traveling in-cabin. It is an important feature to check out if you are taking many flights.
  • Keep your Vet’s contact information with you for any emergency medication you may need during the travel.

Pet travel requires planning and prep work, from transport to stay and medical care. Take advice from your vet, follow this complete guide with tips and guidance on pet travel during the holiday season, and have fun!

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