Ways To Bond With Your Dog

BabbleBoxx sponsors this post on behalf of Amazon Prime Video. Are you looking for ways to bond with your dog? Whether you’ve got one four-legged best friend or many, I’ve got a few ideas to help with quality time spent with them. Have them watch “The Pack” Prime Video with you! That’s a start. Keep reading for more ideas and how to better bond with your dog or dogs.

great ways to bond with your dog

Great Ways To Bond With Your Dog

Because our dogs are family, we do all we can to make them feel like they are part of our family. Bonding with your pet is important, and I have figured out a few ways to spend quality time with our three dogs that perhaps you’ll like well enough to do it too! We’ve got two lapdogs and a Lab. Our Lab, Jett, is featured in my story, and there’s a darling video at the end of my two littles. You’ve got to see it!

I love spending quality time with my pets. They enjoy playing with each other and with my son and myself. Jett, our Lab, plays very well with my husband in the backyard, but I’d like to see Jett bond better with my son.

Bond With Your Dog By Teaching Simple Commands

The second command you teach a puppy is to sit. To this day, Jett still has a hard time with that command, especially if there is a treat or ball in my hand. Most Labs are hyper and anxious but still learns well. Jett is our second Lab, and he didn’t really want to learn much. He’d rather lay on our laps and have us love on him. We’ve excepted that he will never be a great bird dog, so we’ve allowed him to become an inside family dog.

Below is Jett reaching for the ball instead of sitting. Those ears!

Bond With Your Dog by teaching commands

Watch The Pack Amazon Prime Video With Your Dog

Do your dogs watch TV? Whenever we flip the channel on a dog show, my dogs’ ears rise up. I’ve caught Jett several times laying there actually watching dogs on TV. And, when one yells out a howl, Jett will too. On November 20, 2020, we plan on watching The Pack prime movie with our dogs, which makes bonding with them much more special.

If your dog has never watched TV, maybe you should see if they will. It’s definitely a great bonding experience, especially if they are on your lap or really close by. The Pack on Amazon Prime Video, a new global series celebrating the bond between dogs and their owners, will premiere Friday, November 20, 2020, and would be the best show for them to watch with you.

About The Pack Amazon Prime Video And Packed Weekend

Prime Video unleashes “Packed Weekend” to coincide with the Premiere of Amazon Prime’s Original Series “The Pack,” hosted by gold medalist Lindsey Vonn and her canine co-host Lucy. Amazon Prime Video has created an ultimate weekend to help celebrate dogs and their four-legged owners who love them dearly. Gather around the television with your family and pets for a fun-filled weekend of celebrating one-of-a-kind, pup-centric experiences, and the bonds between humans and dogs all over the world.

Watch as the human and dog duos face fun and exciting challenges while trying to win money for their chosen charities and prizes for themselves. I know my family will be watching! You will undoubtfully discover quality experiences with your own pet(s).

Check it all out right here >>>> The Pack Prime Movie

Let Your Dog Lead The Bonding Experience

Now and then, Jett wants to put his head in between my legs. And when he does this, I scratch his head and give him some loving. This usually happens in the morning first thing when he goes outside. True story – when he was in a dog training school, the trainer told us NOT to let him do this. See, he was training to be a bird hunting dog. But like I said above, he just wasn’t cut out for that. So we (I do) let him put his head between our legs to let him know he is loved. I guess not all Labradors are meant to be hunting dogs. Our first Lab was, but not Jett. He’s just a big ball of black hair!

Know The Signals When Your Dog Wants To Play Outside

When Jett goes to the backdoor, we think he needs to go outside to do his business, so we let him out. But ten minutes later, he’s back at the backdoor. My son says this is him telling us he wants to play outside. Bonding with your dog is probably the best thing you could do for them.

Bonding with your dog

Play with Your Dogs Together

Don’t leave any of your dogs out. Treat them all the same and spend quality time with them all together. Now, that might look a little different. Jett loves to fetch balls, while my littles like us to run after them. Cissy and Cody didn’t know what to think about my son blowing bubbles in their faces. Well, when it smells like peanut butter, they will come.

Check out this video for some cuteness!

I can’t think of a better way to bond with my two lapdogs than to give them what they love the most – LOVE!

Bonding with your dog

Find What Your Dog Likes The Best

All three of my dogs have their favorite way to bond with me, and all three are different. Cissy likes to be scratched on her lower back, while Cody is just happy with cuddles. Jett’s favorite is when I rub his face from his eyes to his nose and back. Find what your dogs like the best and do it lots!

The best way to bond with your dog is lots of snuggles and cuddles AND watching “The Pack” on Amazon Prime Video on November 20th …with your dog(s), of course! Have fun!

You may want to check out the Facebook page The Pack Official Group too.

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