10 Ways to Pamper Your Dog During National Pet Month

10 Ways to Pamper Your Dog During National Pet Month

10 Ways to Pamper Your Dog During National Pet Month

Did you know May is National Pet Month? It’s the month that pets get recognized and loved on more for being who they are and how for how much joy and unconditional love they give their owners. That’s why I’ve come up with 10 Ways to Pamper Your Dog During National Pet Month.

What better way to show your dog(s) they mean the world to you than to pamper them with greatness? See below a few ways we are spoiling our three dogs and that you can too.

10 Ways to Pamper Your Dog

Dogs are lovable, squeezable, have wet, cold noses, and offer sloppy kisses – how could you not love that! Your companion is always there when you need a hug or two, and they love you no matter what. And whether you refer to your dog as “buddy,” “pooch,” booger,” “baby,” or some name other than their own (we do that), or by their “real” name, it’s time to show your love for them this month by doing a few things on this list. One of my favorites is giving my dogs a few more treats than usual.

Dogs live in the moment. Spending time with them teaches us to appreciate the present and not worry about the future and what happened in the past. All they ever want is food, sleep, treats, and love. Sometimes I wish I was a dog! Since pets have their month to celebrate, we should celebrate them. I have come up with a few ways to pamper your dog during National Pet Month. Give your dog or dogs in my case, and maybe yours, too, a little more love for being such an excellent family member – muddy paws and all!

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10 Ways to Pamper Your Dog

  1. Give them more lap time.
  2. Fill a basket with new and used dog toys and place it where your family gathers the most.
  3. Show more love to your dog by giving them dog treats you can trust, such as Nudges® or another high-quality dog treat.
  4. Clean out their kennel or crate, wash the linens and poof them up.
  5. Take your dog on an extra-long walk or to a dog park where they can play with other dogs.
  6. Take your girl dog to get her toenails painted.
  7. Reward your dog with Clean Me dental chews
  8. My dogs love their backs to be scratched. If you haven’t tried this, it may become a habit – just saying!
  9. Give them more yard time. I let my two littles go out front with me when I’m working in the yard. They love it!
  10. Last but certainly not least, adopt a pet during National Pet Month!

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Celebrate National Pet Month With Your Pets

Dogs are family to us, and our lives would not be complete without them running around our house. After we lost our first four, it took only months until we had to get another dog. This time we adopted siblings. That was four years ago last month. It’s important that our dogs eat as well as we do. Treating them to, or rewarding them, with dog treats is no exception – we want the best.

Here are Cody and Cissy – our rescue dogs. They are part Yorkie and part Shih Tzu – Siblings that can’t go anywhere without each other!

Two Yorkie Shih tzu mix dogs

Jett is our black Lab (known for its ability to fetch), and though we tried to train him to be a bird dog, we finally had to accept that he is just a loveable family dog. He’s far from being a bird dog because he doesn’t like to stay outside for very long, and two, he thinks he’s a lap dog! Jett is by far the best backyard dog ever! He will fetch that white throw toy in my husband’s left hand, but getting him to bring it back is another thing! We love our Jett-Jett!

Reward your Lab with Nudges Chicken Jerky Dog Treats Reward your Lab with Nudges Chicken Jerky Dog Treats for National Pet Month

The term “a dog is a man’s best friend” is not underrated. It’s a huge statement and very accurate between my husband and Jett.

Surely these 10 ways to pamper your dog will be on your do-to list today!

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