Tips on How to Travel the World Pain-Free

Tips on How to Traveling the World Pain-Free

Check out these tips on how to travel the world pain-free so you can enjoy the ride much better!

Trying to stay comfortable while traveling the world by plane can be tough, especially if you’re an avid flyer. Besides the neck and back pains associated with flying, you also have the dreading chance of your favorite products not making it through TSA. Today, I’m sharing helpful tips on how to travel the world pain-free. This post contains affiliate links. That means if you click on my link and buy something, MTR will earn a small commission from the advertiser at no additional cost.
Whether you travel for business or leisure, you’ll surely have some pain in your back, neck, or even all over. From uncomfortable seats to carrying your bags. Well, there is no need to carry your bags anymore with these tips below.

Tips On How To Travel The World Pain-Free

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or flying for the first time in a long time, getting your favorite products through TSA is a pain. Below is a suggestion for that.

  1. You’re going to want to travel as lite as possible. Consider wheeled luggage for checked bags or wheeled luggage for carry-on, and bring along your favorite neck pillow for the plane ride.
  2. Don’t leave home without your favorite neck pillow. Make sure it’s not a cheap one. The last thing you want is to rely on a cheap pillow with no fluff!
  3. Please don’t feel bad about reclining your seat. You paid for that seat, and it’s yours to do what you must to travel pain-free. I couldn’t imagine flying while sitting upright for the entire flight.
  4. When taking along your pain-free meds on the plane, I have a solution for you. It’s the new Living Travel line. This travel-sized collection (3oz or less) is TSA-friendly and includes some of Living’s most popular products. *
  5. Be sure to walk around the airport on layovers. Exercise is a great thing when dealing with neck and back pain.
  6. Be careful when reading while traveling the world on a plane. Bring a small light should the overhead lights not be enough or too far away. Watch the position of your neck.
  7. Lastly, check your bags. Invest in a credit card that allows for one free checked bag. I’ve got one, and I love it!
  8. Oh, one more – be sure to carry a lite shoulder purse.
Don’t forget to turn all your bath and body products into travel sizes so you can get them through TSA! You don’t want to have to leave them behind. This minor annoyance can translate into actual physical pain for millions of people who rely on meds to manage their pain, anxiety, or other chronic conditions. That’s the last thing you want to get in the way of exploring the world.
 So pack your bags (lite), and let’s travel the world pain-free.

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