Must-Have Gear for Winter Camping

Must-Have Gear for Winter Camping

The correct gear for winter camping will keep you warm at night and hydrated throughout your stay.

Can you believe the time has come to start thinking about winter camping? And while the thought of fall camping means cooler temps and fewer bugs, many people forget that you can also go camping during the wintertime. If you’re into tent camping and wondering what’s needed to camp in the cold, you’ll find a great list of must-have gear for winter camping right here.

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Why The Right Gear For Winter Camping Is Needed

Even though the temp might be below 40-50 degrees, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy nature and camping in a tent. Here are a few suggestions on camping in the winter and the gear needed to survive out there.

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How To Keep A Tent Warm In The Winter

One of the biggest concerns when camping during winter is keeping warm in a tent. Keeping a tent warm is one of the most significant necessities and must-have gear for winter camping to not freeze at night.

The easiest way to keep your tent warm is to get a tent geared towards cold weather camping. Yes, there’s a difference! Laying a tarp down on the ground to provide an extra layer between the cold hard ground and your tent is an option too.

Some people also bring portable heaters into their tents, but this can be extremely dangerous in putting off unsafe fumes or emissions, not to mention a fire hazard. So, think twice about bringing one along.

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How Cold Is It Too Cold For Winter Camping?

It’s too cold to camp when it gets below 35 degrees, but it also depends on who you ask. This is especially true for children or people who aren’t used to camping in colder conditions. If your gut tells you it’s going to be too cold, there’s a high probability that it is.

Now that you know the main questions about cold-weather camping let’s dive in and talk about some of the top camping gear for winter camping.

Must-Have Gear For Winter Camping

Going camping during the winter is a lot of fun, but only if you’re entirely prepared. Here are some camping gear ideas that are highly recommended for wintertime camping.

  • Fleece Socks and Gloves

The more fleece clothing, the better. It’s thick enough to keep moisture (sweat) away from your skin and keeps your body’s heat trapped inside.

  • Stocking Caps

It’s true when they say heat escapes the top of your head, so always pack several stocking caps (toboggan or beanie caps). You’ll want to change the hats when it gets sweaty because it loses their effect and will need to dry out.

  • Layered, Waterproof Clothing

Even though you might feel “poofy” with all the layers in your clothing, you’ll be glad you brought them. The only real way to block out the wind, rain, sleet, and snow is to find waterproof clothing and resist moisture. And don’t forget a couple of pairs of gloves.

  • Water Bottles

Be sure to bring lots of water when camping because staying hydrated will help. You’ll want to keep as alert as possible and hydrated just in case you need to walk and get help.

  • Warm Bedding and Winter Tent

As mentioned earlier, a tent for winter camping is ideal, and don’t forget all the bedding needs. Dry, clean blankets or an insulated sleeping bag are the best ways to stay warm while winter camping.

Do you have all of these items already in your possession from the list of must-have camping gear above? If so, you might be ready to go camping this winter!

What other items do you want to take with you when you go winter camping?

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