Top 3 Ways to Stay Healthy on the Road

Staying healthy is always a challenge when we’re on the road. We all have routines, but when we are traveling, it seems our efforts fall to the wayside. It’s easier than you might think to stay strong while on the go by working through these top 3 ways to stay healthy on the road. Think about them while you’re planning your next road trip.

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Top 3 Ways to Stay Healthy on the Road
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Top 3 Ways to Stay Healthy on the Road

Whether you’re traveling for business or taking a weekend road trip to your popular vacation spot, staying true to healthy habits is sometimes tricky. There are always those tempting restaurants to stop at, or that good-for-nothing greasy taco stand that you hate but love that makes us want to forget our healthy habits and say, “oh the darn with it, I’ll get back to my healthy ways when I get back home.” But if you take lots of road trips, those greasy tacos add up. Three areas worry people the most when traveling on road trips.

  1. Food Prep.
  2. Hydration.
  3. Keeping up Healthy Habits.

Below, I’ll address all three. As many times as I’ve been on the road in the last ten years, I pretty much got this down. Plus, my health depends on it, and so does yours.


Plan Your Food to Stay Healthy on the Road

For those long road trips, you’re going to have to think breakfast – lunch – dinner, oh, and snacks in between. Planning before you go is a must. You’ll want to make out a menu for each meal and go shopping beforehand for the ingredients (as much as you can). You’ll also need to plan when you’re going to stop to eat and where. Map out your road trip to find rest areas that you can safely eat your meals. Stick with simple recipes that include whole foods and better-for-you ingredients.

Whether your road trips are long or short, healthy routines can get demolished in a matter of your next meal. With proper planning and stamina, your healthy routine won’t go to the wayside. You’ve got this!

Staying Hydrated on the Road

We all know that everyone should consume water. Water = energy. Make sure your vehicle is packed with plenty of water for the long haul. After you have enough water packed for your trip, consider bringing along sources of electrolytes. I’ve had great luck with Skratch Labs Hydration Mix, which I’ve gotten in Nomadik Subscription Boxes – a new adventure each month. Drink anything with water in it, such as watermelon juice or cucumber juice. Both these foods are loaded with water already – make your own and stash it in a cooler.

Top 3 Ways to Stay Healthy on the Road
Image by Stuart Hampton from Pixabay

How to Keep Up Your Healthy Routine on the Road

Not sure about you, but I don’t particularly like driving at night. I make sure to get a good night’s sleep the night before my road trip, and I’m off in the morning. Keeping your regular sleeping habits is essentials, as is healthy food and staying hydrated. Drive during the day so you can enjoy the scenic views along the way. If you’re a fitness guru, you can still sneak in exercise while traveling. Try to stick

Here’s to good health on the road!

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Most importantly, don’t beat yourself up if you have to stop at a fast-food chain because the kids are so hungry, and they are screaming. It will be okay.

And, if you’ve got kids that get bored easily on road trips, I’ve got 15 Ways to Keep Kids Busy on Road Trips.

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