Tips for Safe Road Trips

Tips for Safe Road Trips During Covid-19

Preparing ahead of time is best, and these tips for safe road trips will help.

With the world today, flying to a dream destination for a vacation might not be the best idea. This means that most of us will opt for the all-American road trip. For this reason, it’s essential to protect ourselves with safety measures and take the necessary precautions regarding the Covid-19 virus. Read below for tips for safe road trips.

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I never thought I’d be writing about this subject, but as I prepare for my road trip next week to Jefferson, TX, I’ve had to do some significant planning, more so than I usually do. You nor I want to get to our destination only to find nothing is opened that we want to do. So, plan more so than usual.

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Plan Activities in Advance for a Safe Road Trip

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Pack Protect & Sanitize Items for Safe Road Trips

Practice frequent hand-washing habits at all times. Avoid going into gas stations by packing drinks and snacks for the road. Keep all these items reachable in a car organizer for road trips. That way, you know where they are and


Prepare an Emergency Kit to Keep in Vehicle

Having an emergency kit in your vehicle can be the difference between enjoying your road trip and ending up in the emergency room. Your emergency kit should include duct tape, a first-aid kit, a car charger, a blanket, snacks, paper towels, rags, drinking water, road reflectors and flares, snow brush and ice scraper, tarp, traction aid, shovel, jumper cables, raincoat, and saw. Of course, not all of these items will apply to you, but it gives you a realistic idea of what you may need. It’s up to you to decide what to take and what not to.

Tips for Safe Road Trips During Covid-19
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Use Common Sense at Gas Stations & Rest Areas

If you need to use the bathroom at a gas station or rest, stop, avoid touching things, and wear a mask when you enter. It’s best to wear a pair of disposable gloves, and when you’re done, throw away the gloves and use hand sanitizer. If you buy something, instead of handing the money to the cashier, put the money on the counter instead. If you’re pumping gas, also wear gloves. Gloves are an essential barrier as pads, gas pumps, and hundreds of people touch screens daily. When pressing buttons, use your knuckle instead of your finger and use hand sanitizer after that. These tips for safe road trips are pretty much common sense but worth writing and talking about. You’re better off bringing along your own road trip snacks than buying any at these types of places.

Tips for Safe Road Trips During Covid-19
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Sanitize Your Space

When staying in accommodations like a hotel or an Airbnb, disinfect your room. Don’t expect that they did it. Though it should already be done, sanitize again for your sanity. Also, wipe down your eating areas, whether an outdoor table, park bench, or a table inside a restaurant, by using disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer before you eat.

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  2. This is really good advice! Road trips, for sure, are excellent alternatives to travelling during the pandemic and this post is really helpful!

  3. Definitely great tips! Thinking of renting an RV to go and pick up my elderly mom for the winter! Thank you!


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