8 Breakfast Camp Meals for Fall Camping

8 Breakfast Camp Meals for Fall Camping

These breakfast camp meals will have them returning for more…so don’t pack lightly!

Fall camping is one of the best times of the year to be outdoors and enjoy nature. You can easily set up camp during the fall without worrying about bugs, hot temperatures, sweaty bodies, and, even worse, bad camping attitudes. And …waking up to the smell of bacon and eggs has got to be the prime of it all. I want to share these 8 breakfast camp meals for fall camping ideas with you. I hope you like them as much as we do.

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Breakfast camp food is why we LOVE fall camping. Is there anything better than waking up to breastfast when the morning air is still nice and crisp? It’s the perfect way to jumpstart your camping adventure and a great way to snuggle up in a hoodie while enjoying a good cup of coffee with your meal.

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Below, you’ll see some of the best breakfast camp food that is simple to pack and cook! I hope you packed your hammock because you’ll want to rest in it after making any of these breakfasts – just saying!

Before you get all giddy about the following breakfast meals, you might want to check out this Fall Camping Checklist to ensure you have everything you need for your fall camping. It’s a good list to know!

Breakfast Camp Meals for Fall Camping

All camping food is good, but these breakfast meal suggestions are the best! I’ll bet you won’t hear a peep from your family members about them!

1. Scrambled Eggs, Bacon And Hashbrowns

Oh yes! This combination is a favorite of mine. Try a sprinkle of cinnamon or pumpkin spice on the hashbrowns to make them flavorful for fall. Also, bring along salsa, ketchup, and other condiments so everyone can enjoy their breakfast how they want. And, sometimes, all you need in life is a good piece of bacon or three to start the morning off right. Cooking all three in a cast-iron skillet over the campfire gives it much more flavor and taste! But beware …seconds are a must.

8 Breakfast Camp Meals for Fall Camping

2. Cast-Iron Cinnamon Rolls For Fall Camping

You have to whip up some cinnamon rolls in your cast iron pan. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can make them from scratch or easily buy them premade at the store and just put them in the pan. The heat from the campfire will cook them in no time, and there will be minimal talking during the consumption as it’s the perfect way to wake up!

You may want to try pumpkin cinnamon rolls with caramel sauce to keep with the fall camping theme, like this photo below. Don’t these cinnamon rolls look yummy?

3. Roasted Banana S’mores

It’s a traditional s’ mores with graham crackers and chocolate but replacing the marshmallows with bananas. Don’t knock it until you try it – it’s delicious!!

4. Biscuits and Gravy

Holy moly. There is NOTHING like warm biscuits and gravy when you’re camping. It’s a “stick to your ribs” meal that will have everyone rushing out of the camper to enjoy.

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5. Breakfast Burritos

Another super simple breakfast for camping is breakfast burritos. Pack the flour or corn tortillas and fill them with scrambled eggs, some bacon, and a little cheese and salsa. The result? Quite possibly everyone’s favorite breakfast for every camping trip moving forward!

8 Breakfast Camp Meals for Fall Camping

6. Make-Ahead Overnight Oats

Save some time and make this recipe at home, then bring it to camp. Here’s the perfect recipe on thedyrt, plus more make-ahead meals for your fall camping meals.

7. Pancakes and Sausage Link

Take along a griddle and plug it in. Pancakes and sausage are a constant staple for us when camping. I like to douse mine in syrup, while my boy likes to wrap his pancake around the sausage link and eats it like a sandwich. In my opinion, there’s no wrong way to enjoy pancakes! Pack the ingredients needed to make these fantastic breakfast camp foods before leaving your house. That way, once you arrive, you can rest easy knowing that breakfast is ready to be cooked up in the morning!

8. Campfire Skillet Breakfast

What’s better than these three cooked to perfection – bacon (crumbled), eggs, and potatoes? Before leaving for camp, microwave the potatoes to be ready for the skillet. You could also cook the bacon beforehand, but that’s no fun.

What are some other camping breakfast food ideas that you love?

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