2022 Holiday Gifts For Campers

2022 Holiday Gifts For Campers

2022 Holiday Gifts For Campers

If you have a camper in your life, you’ll want to get them something for Christmas that they can use while camping in the great outdoors. My Traveling Roads has the answer!! Here is our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Campers.

Whether tent camping, primitive camping, camping by RV, or my favorite – camping in a cabin with full amenities, I’ve got the perfect gifts for them in this list.

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2022 Holiday Gifts For Campers

2022 Holiday Gifts For Campers

The trend continues to be out outdoors …and it’s not going away!

It’s time to dive into this Gift Guide for the camper! And don’t forget to look for discounts throughout the guide. Some are exclusive to only my readers.

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• XTRATUF Footwear

Family Footwear

Footwear built by XTRATUF for the whole family. From rugged boating boots and boots for snow and ice to cozy slippers and trendy slip-on boots. They have them all! Check out their own approved Alaska holiday gift guide by XTRATUF.

I can’t wait until my husband gets to put his feet inside these waterproof boots from XTRATUF.


2022 Holiday Gifts For Campers

• An Outdoor Subscription Box For The Camper

The Nomadik

NOMADIK Adventure Subscription Boxes are now widely known and widely used. Give the gift of adventure! I LOVE MY BOX EACH MONTH!

The Nomadik has a new subscription offering – A quarterly subscription! Get $200+ in Value for Only $149! Renews Quarterly, Cancel Anytime.


Think Outside

• An Adventure Subscription Box for Kids

Think Outside

First Box Free on Any Multi-Month Subscription

Think Outside Subscription Box for Kids – Award-winning subscription box for kids. You’ll find Education & tools to build lifelong skills for children.

• Metal Detectors for the Adventurer

Kellyco Metal Detectors

You’re not a true adventurer if you don’t have a metal detector! While you’re adventuring on the beach or woods or in your backyard, pick up a few coins or jewelry along the way. We do! Kellyco Metal Detectors has metal detectors for every adventurer in your life – from experienced to beginners.


Keep Nature Wild

• Camping Apparel, Stickers, Camping Clean-Up Kits

Keep Nature Wild

Join doers worldwide who love the outdoors as much as you do. Do your part and clean up trash around you. I ordered the Wild Keeper Clean-Up Kit last year.

Stay Warm with Keep Nature Wild Outerwear!

Tips for a Successful Cleanup while on the trails.

  • wear gloves
  • bring a friend
  • stay on the trails
  • cleanup what matters the most to you

• Organize Your Car For Road Trips

Car Organizers

Most campers drive to their camping location by vehicle or RV, so organizing your ride beforehand is a great idea.

Car organizers are super for road trips. You can click on the photo below to see your car’s organizing options.



• Toiletry Bags, Travel Blankets, Accessories


Save 40% on all travel accessories. Every camper needs a good toiletry bag.




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