Steps to the Perfect Outdoor Family Scavenger Hunt

No more boring Sunday afternoons for you and the family. I’ve got something the family can enjoy. Here are easy and fun steps to the perfect outdoor family scavenger hunt that everyone will enjoy.

Steps to the Perfect Outdoor Family Scavenger Hunt

Steps to the Perfect Outdoor Family Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is the perfect family activity you can do on a rainy, sunny, or cold day. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like; a scavenger hunt is doable in any climate. Today I am guiding you forward on how to have a family-fun time outdoors regardless of the weather. On that note, it’s also perfect for all kids, no matter their age.

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Brainstorm Ideas

Take into consideration the age of all family members who will be partaking in this family scavenger hunt. Think of ideas on themes, locations such as inside, backyard, etc., for the hunt.

Draw a Map

Now that you have the theme and location determined, you can draw a map for the family scavenger hunt. Make sure to include a child-friendly map if youngsters are joining in this fun.

Hide the Items

Now that the map is drawn, one family member will have to be designated as the hider of items. Take all items and hide them throughout the locations shown on the map. Have the main route, so the hider of items knows where everything is.

Create Clues

Now that the items have been hidden, the hider of items family members should have a list of clever clues so the family can go out on the hunt. Having clues for every item in the family scavenger hunt will keep things entertaining and fun.

Make it Digital

You could host a digital scavenger hunt where the clues are not pointing to actual items. Instead, they are riddles or random things that one must find and snap a photo using a smartphone or digital camera.




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Set a Time Limit

There must have a time limit to the family scavenger hunt, or else you may find everyone is gone for hours on end. Determine a reasonable length of time for the scavenger hunt and set a meeting place where everyone ends up when done.

Have Fun

Above all, the family scavenger hunt should be about healthy competition and fun. Enjoy the time spent with the family during this fun-filled adventure, and enjoy acting like a kid again yourself.

This activity is a low-cost, if not a, free family fun activity that can be enjoyed at any age and anywhere. Whether you are looking to have a family scavenger hunt as part of a birthday party or weekend fun with the kids or on vacation, these steps should help guide you to having a fantastic time together.

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