Our Summer Round-Up Of Adventures At Home

Our Summer Round-Up Of Adventures At Home
Brody and Dad at Hawaiian Falls in Roanoke, TX

Our summer round-up includes a waterpark, a new bathing suit, camping gear, and a new collar for our dogs.

I’ve been swamped these last couple of months, taking road trips here and there and enjoying family time at our local Hawaiian Falls. My latest road trip was to Wisconsin –my first ever visit, and before that, I took a multigenerational road trip to Kansas. This Texas girl has seen beautiful ground other than Texas this summer! But it’s good to be home and do things close to the house. So, I wanted to let you all know what my summer round-up adventures look like and what I’ve been up to lately and perhaps hear from you too. I have partnered with all these brands to help show off their products/services. All opinions are my own.

Our Summer Round-Up Of Adventures

Summer is in full swing around here, and it’s so hot that I don’t want to go outside, but it’s a must. We’re gearing up for over 100 degrees days, and it’s not pretty. Wisconsin’s weather never got above 85. My husband and Brody are in Durango, CO, and he said the weather there was in the upper 60’s –always.

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Our Summer Round-up Adventures At Hawaiian Falls

Our Summer Round-Up Of Adventures At Home
Hawaiian Falls, Roanoke, TX

I took the boys to Hawaiian Falls in Roanoke, TX, for a day of fun. We were hosted there for the day, and it included a cabana. Thank goodness because it was a hot day. The boys had fun and hardly checked in with me this time. Brody is getting older, and I trust him a little more, but I still like that they check in with me. We had pizza and fun drinks. My husband met us there later in the day, and he and I spent most of our time in the lazy river.

Boys taking a break and eating pizza at Hawaiian Falls, Roanoke, TX

A New Bathing Suit From prAna For My Summer Round-Up

Not that I’m showing off my body, because there’s really nothing to show off. However, I do think I’ve been lucky for the past 60 years not gaining too much weight. Let me tell you this though, the prAna bathing suit I’m wearing sure does a good job holding it all in. I’m pleased with the one I chose. It’s called Jess Reversible Tankini.

Our Summer Round-Up Of Adventures At Home

Nomadik Summer Subscription Boxes

Nomadik Parks Safari Summer Subscription Box Contents

I’ve been a partner with Nomadik for at least over a year now and have enjoyed every box I’ve received. My summer round-up of adventures includes their latest subscription box.  It’s the Parks Safari box and is by far one of my favorites. I love the binoculars, but Brody dubbed them before I could even get them out of the box. Nomadik is a great subscription box for campers, hikers, and all-over outdoorsy people. It would make a great birthday gift or holiday gift. The box before this one, called Relax & Recharge consists of a stuffable pillowcase with a hidden pocket inside, a solar lamp, which my husband took from me, but I got to claim the pain-relieving cream and recovery mix that you put in your water. I think I got duped on this one!

Sassy Woof

Did you know that August is National Dog Month? I didn’t either!! But it’s a good excuse to spoil your fur babies! Sassy Woof is an Asian American woman-owned brand based out of DC. They also just launched in PetSmart locations this spring and are available online and in boutiques nationwide.

The above bundle is called Citrus Got Real, and I gave this one to Cody. This bundle came with a bow, and I thought Cody would look adorable wearing it.

Cissy wearing Sassy Woof Peach Please Harness

Cissy gets Sassy Woof Peach Please because she looks so cute in blue, and I love the peach color on her. I’m not so sure they like wearing them, but harnesses and collars are a must if we want to keep our dogs safe …and why not buy the leash to match!

Well, there you have it, our summer round-up adventure. How’s your summer going? I’d love to hear all about it.

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