Georgetown Texas: Eating Your Way Around Town

Georgetown: Eating Your Way Around Town

Georgetown Texas: Eating Your Way Around Town

Visiting Georgetown at Christmastime was on my radar since I discovered how beautiful their downtown is during the holidays. I love spending time in a quaint town where the lights are bright, red, and all over town. This time of year, there’s merriment in the air in Georgetown, Texas. The culinary scene is something else too to love. Eating your way around town was partially paid for by Visit Georgetown.

From Austin, Georgetown would make a wonderful day trip, but coming from the Fort Worth area, where we live, it’s more of a weekend getaway. So, I took advantage of the offer to enjoy eating around town while visiting. I found an affordable Airbnb in town and started scoping out what we could do and where we could eat.

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Visiting Georgetown, Texas

Of course, there are many things to do in Georgetown; after all, it’s known as the “Most Beautiful Town Square in Texas.”  I wrote an article about Georgetown more in debt for TravelAwaits a couple of months ago. While I usually write articles on places I’ve visited, this time I did not. However, it didn’t take me long to get down there.

After reading my article on TravelAwaits – How To Spend A Fantastic Weekend In Gorgeous Georgetown, TX, I’m almost positive you’ll understand why I wanted to get down there as soon as I could. And, I’m also sure you’ll want to put Georgetown on your travel bucket list!

First, I was provided a 2021 Chevy Trailblazer loaner to drive from A Girls Guide To Cars. More on that at a later time. Oh, I haven’t told you — my favorite color is red. So not only was I headed to a town of “red,” but I’m also driving a cool red SUV! So excited to be going to a town where red poppies shine all year long, and Christmas red is all over town. It’s those little things…

Restaurants in Georgetown: Eating Your Way Around Town

When we arrived in town, we went straight to Georgetown Visitors Center downtown to pick up brochures and our tickets to Inner Space Caverns, which was also given to us. After checking into our Airbnb, we had dinner at El Monumento, then went back downtown to walk around and marvel at all the beauty.

There were so many authentic restaurants in the downtown area, which Brody and I had a hard time deciding which one to enjoy. With several different cuisines to choose from, i.e., Asian, barbeque, seafood, Italian, and more, the choices were hard, but we decided on Mexican food for our first dinner in Georgetown!

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Georgetown: Eating Your Way Around Town

We sat outside on the patio at El Monumento overlooking the San Gabriel River and enjoyed a wonderful dinner. The restaurant is rated #9 on Tripadvisor and has moderate prices. I ordered the Classico Vegetable Enchiladas dinner, and Brody had beef nachos. It was all good and plentiful.

Moments like this remind me of how precious it is to raise my grandson as my own. It’s hard but worth it.

El Monumento Restaurant Overlooking San Gabriel River

Downtown Georgetown at Night

After dinner, we walked around downtown to shop at the places that were open. I even found a purse (not sure I needed it), but it was on sale and a few Christmas gifts at OoLaLa Boutique. And, look, Brody found a friend. I didn’t catch the pooch’s name, but it was one of the boutiques’ mascots welcoming visitors with friendly wags.

If you want to know what to do in Georgetown during the holidays, ask someone that’s been there or perhaps lives there. You could even google “The Daytripper.” He is a writer, but he also lives in Georgetown, and he and his family are on all the brochures of Georgetown.

Day 2 in Georgetown

We went early to find coffee and found Lampost Coffee on Main Street. Brody asked me if he could try something he’d never had before, and the lady behind the counter suggested a hot chia tea. He loved it. Our road trip travels get him to think outside the box. After our coffee, we walked around downtown and shopped a little more. We returned to OoLaLa, where I bought the purse and found some jewelry I couldn’t live without. Brody got to visit with the dogs in the store again.

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Before heading to Inner Space Caverns, we had lunch at the popular 600 Degrees Pizzeria and Drafthouse. That wasn’t a hard choice for us because who doesn’t like pizza? Plus, the lady at the Visitors Center said we had to try it. We got there early, so no waiting for a table, but later that day, as we walked by, the place was packed, and the line was long. Check out the size of that pizza …and less than $5.

Georgetown: Eating Your Way Around Town

Inner Space Cavern Georgetown Texas

We got to Inner Space Cavern just in time for the 12:00 tour. Our tour guide was hilarious with his notations about the cave and these two small kids trying to take over his job. That had to have been the funniest cave tour Brody, and I have ever been on.

Your day isn’t complete without ice cream, no matter the weather outside! Brody enjoyed a waffle cone of his favorite flavor at All Things Kids while walking around downtown (again) before heading back to where we were staying so we could rest and freshen up for dinner.


OMG, just thinking about dinner was on my mind all day. I had previously written an article about Georgetown, so I knew of a few restaurants on the “top-notch” list. So, I decided on WildFire, which is on the square. I had the salmon dinner, and Brody had popcorn shrimp. Neither disappointed us, except my son could not eat all of his. I’m guessing that ice cream filled up his tummy, or was it that hot chocolate he had too. That’s one thing we like to do while on road trips – eat and enjoy beverages!

Georgetown: Eating Your Way Around Town

Day 3 in Georgetown Texas

We left the Airbnb and headed out for breakfast. I chose First Watch because I’ve eaten lunch there before at the one near where I live, but I’d never had breakfast. LOOK at that pancake! It’s the biggest pancake I’ve ever seen! Someone on Facebook asked me if I had eaten the whole thing. No, I did not.

Brody also enjoyed a pancake, but it was kid size. I don’t think he finished his either. We love to eat but are not big eaters – I guess that’s a good thing.

Georgetown: Eating Your Way Around Town

San Gabriel Park Georgetown Texas

Before we left for home, we stopped by San Gabriel Park. It was all and more of what a park should be. And the river beside it – wow!

I called it “the perfect playground for kids.”

The perfect way to end a trip. I’m dying to go back to Georgetown’s Red Poppy Festival in April.

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