Why Handwritten Notes Matter

Do you know why handwritten notes matter the most?

People always appreciate handwritten notes. I don’t think that will ever change. Times are different these days, and everyone always seems in a hurry. I know I get that way sometimes, but in my traveling business, I always take the time to send handwritten thank you’s to my clients to let them know how appreciative I am of them.

Yes, emails are quicker, but if you genuinely want to make an impression, stand out from the rest, and be remembered, send your thanks in a handwritten note or letter. It’s worth the extra time and expense. If you own a business, it’s an expense that can be written off on your taxes.

When you send handwritten notes, whether it’s thank you notes, cards, or letters, you get that happy feeling and worth, wouldn’t you agree? It sure does for me.

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Why Handwritten Notes Matter

Writing a handwritten note is powerful and thoughtful, and it can make a difference in you getting that important scholarship or getting that job or future business.

A personalized thank you card is always appreciated more than an email.

Examples Of A Simple “Thank You”

Why sending handwritten notes is and always will be the best way to show the act of expressing your appreciation.

Thanking someone for their time is crucial. It should always show gratitude to someone for taking their time with you. It’s almost expected. Here are examples of a simple handwritten thank you note.

Start out by writing, Thank you,

“You’re the best.”

“I’m so grateful.”

“I’m smiling ear to ear over your thoughtfulness.”

“your kindness is a gift I’ll always treasure.”

“I’m touched beyond words.”

“You are a blessing.”

“you are truly my angel.”

This is more professional and thoughtful than an email. And whatever you do, never text a thank you unless it’s a good friend and their kindness was very casual.

Thanking someone for their generosity has and will always be prevalent in business and your personal life. And greeting cards are making a comeback with fun businesslike cards.

Mail Handwritten Notes Online For Faster Service

Take your handwritten notes to the next level by letting someone else send out your cards. It’s still your words, and you can customize the greeting cards.

The perfect company to do that for you is called Handwrytten.

Handwrytten sends automated thank you cards on your behalf to your recipient through the mail.

Stand out every time by sending a well-written card, and I bet you’ll be remembered more than you probably think you will.

Tips for sending thank you notes:

  • Try to send your thank you note the day you get back or within three days of your event while it’s still fresh on your mind.
  • And by all means, don’t send out those free cards you get in the mail. Be professional!
  • Refrain from saying the word “I.” The thank you is not about you.
  • Remember, instead of just saying “thank you,” go deeper and explain why you are thankful. It only takes a sentence. Like this – “Thank you for your genuine thoughtfulness and kindness.”
  • If it’s a gift they gave you, mention that specific gift.
  • It’s never too late to send a thank you note. But too late is too late, and it doesn’t look good for you.

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