Tips to Stay Healthy During the Winter

Tips to Stay Healthy During the Winter Months

Here are tips to stay healthy during the winter months to help your stress level.

So much has gone on this year, and the holidays are here, which is stressful for many of us. However, despite all that, we still need to take care of ourselves. Grab some hot tea, a book, and self-care while reading these tips to stay healthy during the winter so you can enjoy life and the ones you love and love you.

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It’s Important To Stay Healthy During The Winter Travels

Keep washing your hands

Wintertime is when the cold and flu season seems to rise and can be contagious. Besides washing your hands often, here are other things you can do to ensure you stay healthy during the cold months.

Eat Healthily for Your Immune System

Cook at home

First and foremost, eat more healthily than ever before. Eating foods that help your immune system stay healthy, such as fruit, herbs, and lean protein, and don’t forget to include your “green” vegetables. A good homemade chicken soup is the perfect meal.

Get Outdoors And Travel During the Winter Months

Walk around the block

Yes, it’s cold, but going outside is good for the soul. Bundle up and walk around the block because the sun gives powerful energy. Instead of getting my car out of the garage and warming it up to go a block down the street, my son and I bundle up and head out on foot to the physical therapy office or the store.

Practice Self-Care to Stay Healthy

Take care of YOU

I spend less on other things during the winter to spend more on my skin. Whether a monthly massage or a skincare regimen, it’s important to take care of ourselves, even if it might cost a bit extra. If monthly massages are not in your budget, opt for an aromatherapy neck pillow – this works wonders if you’ve had a long day and finding it hard to relax. The lavender scent works well for relaxation. Or, buy one of those neck warmers or wraps that you can heat in the microwave.

Take Your Supplements

Don’t forget Vitamin D3

It’s an excellent idea to double-up on supplements. And if you have taken them already, please don’t stop. If you feel better when taking your supplements, keep taking them. Chances are, if you quit, you’ll go back to feeling not so well. I’ll never stop taking omega-3, vitamin D, and a probiotic. I might take a few extra ones, then quit, then try something else, but I’ll never stop taking these three. They’ve helped me in more ways than one. For example, I don’t feel like a truck runs over me when I wake up in the mornings. I have energy, and I am regular. That’s right, there means more to me than anything money can buy.

Take Time to Laugh and Do Nothing

Laugh often

We can get so stressed out for such small reasons sometimes. We must take the time to laugh out loud and have fun! Enjoy each others’ company and forget about all the small stuff. So now, JUST LAUGH!!

Go Camping

Find a cabin in the woods

You don’t necessarily have to camp in a tent, but it’s doable if you’re brave. But why not find a nice get-a-way cabin in the woods and hang out there for a couple of days? It will do your body and mind some good. That’s me above camping in a tiny cabin by Getaway Home.

Take A Road Trip

Take the scenic route

Last but certainly not least, take a well-deserved road trip – somewhere – anywhere. Out of all the tips to stay healthy during the winter months, taking road trips is my suggestion for you to do. It’s affordable, healthy, scenic, refreshing, and renewing, and you may even find a new area to return to.

These tips to stay healthy during the winter won’t work unless you’re a hundred percent into it. Okay, maybe not the camping part, but all the other tips are essential so you won’t get ill.

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