Tiny Modern Camping In Texas

Fall In Love With Tiny Modern Camping

Fall in love with tiny modern camping in Texas near Houston …and bring your pets!

Someone had a brilliant idea to place 40 tiny cabins on wheels in the deep woods of the Brazos Valley in Navasota, TX. It’s the newest Outpost of the Getaway family, only one-hour southeast of Houston and about three hours from Dallas. Grab a drink, read all about our family camping adventure, and fall in love with tiny modern camping in Texas as we have. Be sure to scroll down for a $25 discount on your next camping experience with Getaway using my link and promo code.

Tiny Modern Camping In Texas

I think by now it’s obvious that I like to camp. If you’re a regular reader of my stories, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been writing a lot about camping, whether it’s food for camping, the best gear for camping, or camping in general. Camping, to me, is a great way to explore nature and relax and let go.

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Tiny Modern Camping Near Houston, TX

This tiny cabin is part of the Getaway family that we are staying in – yes, they are small but with modern amenities that include a bathroom with a shower, a mini-refrigerator, nice comfy queen beds, and a tiny kitchen – everything like home, but smaller. And they are a dog-friendly campground. For a small fee, you can bring your dog(s). This time, I brought my dogs with us. They were so happy to tag along. Be sure to see below how you can save $25 on your tiny cabin getaway near you.

Fall In Love With Tiny Modern Camping

When you’re here, you’ll want to put your phone away, turn off all wifi, and make a fire. It’s that simple. Unfortunately, there was a burn ban, and we weren’t allowed to build a fire. Brody cooked our dinner using charcoal – and his hamburgers were delicious. He’s pretty proud of them.

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Fall In Love With Tiny Modern Camping

It’s no secret that I prefer to camp in a cabin with amenities, not in a tent in the middle of nowhere or at a park. Many people assume when I say “camping,” they think it’s in a tent. I haven’t camped in a tent yet – I’m going to (one of these days), but I like my amenities. But for now, I’ve found tiny modern camping pretty fun. This is our second time to camp at a tiny Getaway cabin. Our first was Tiny Camping in East Texas; it was a blast!

Fall In Love With Tiny Modern Camping

Getaway Brazos Valley In Navasota, TX

Getaway’s latest Outpost is Brazos Valley near Houston – it’s the perfect place for camping because it’s quiet, has lots of walking trails, and is close to Texas’s famous ice cream!

We took a few side trips, including the Blue Bell Creamery in Brenham, TX, about 40 mins away from our tiny modern camping area. Getaway did their homework before placing their small cabins in another location in Texas. This time, it’s not too far from $1 a scoop of ice cream!!

Blue Bell Creameries In Brenham, TX

You don’t come out this way without visiting the home of Blue Bell Ice Cream. Getting a scoop of ice cream was on my list of things to do during our tiny modern camping adventure. Nothing was disappointing here, except we didn’t get to tour their facility because it’s close to the public right now; other than that, our time was well spent.

Besides selling ice cream for only $1 a scoop (and no tax), they had the most adorable little boutique full of Blue Bell souvenirs, a museum about the history of Blue Bell, and we watched old commercials that brought back memories from years ago. Brody’s main goal was to order an ice cream that he’s never tried before. I’m just sorry I didn’t get a picture of his tongue after eating Blue Monster Ice Cream!

There’s a lot to do in Brenham, like visit the lavender farm, a family park, an aquatic center, and the quaint downtown area. It looks like we might be going back there one day soon.

Barrington Living History Farm

We saw workers picking cotton, but that was about it. We did ask questions about the oxen, the cotton, and vegetables, and all things farm-related. They even let us pick tomatoes and pears to take home. But Brody and I ate the tomatoes after we picked them, and we cooked the pears at home.

The house below belonged to Texas’ last president, Anson Jones, and is the only original structure on the Barrington Farm. Definitely worth checking out >>> wheretexasbecametexas.org.

More About Tiny Modern Camping In Texas And Other States

You’ll find Getaway tiny cabins in three different Regions in Texas, as well as in Portland, Atlanta, Boston, Wisconsin, New York, Charlotte, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, and Washington, DC. I can’t wait to see where else these brilliant people take their Outpost.

Book your Getaway Outpost today at Your Next Tiny Cabin Getaway and use promo code GREENMOM for $25 off your stay.

I’m on a mission to spend seven nights in a Getaway Outpost because your next night is free once you do. Something small to look forward to for the next time. Our next camping road trip in a Getaway Outpost will be in the winter near Austin – the Hill Country Region of Texas.

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