Kayaking at Trophy Club Park

I went on an adventure the other day that I had no idea existed …and it included a kayak! Not sure why I didn’t know about this creek at Trophy Club Park, much less the guiding kayaking adventure Susan and I went on today. If it wasn’t for her telling me about kayaking at Trophy Club Park, I’d never known it was possible. When I googled the address, I realized I was missing out on some fun just 15 miles from my home. You could say it’s a hidden gem in the Metroplex.

Kayaking at Trophy Club Park

I’m baffled at why I didn’t know about this area until now. I will say, though, it’s in a well-secluded area in Trophy Club. Many of my friends know about this area, but I am not sure they know about the guided kayaking service. More info below about that.


Kayaking at Trophy Club Park

Trophy Club Park costs $2 a vehicle to enter. Once inside the gate, the creek is to the left. It feeds into Grapevine lake, which is a lake we all know and love. I heard more about this well-secluded creek when I did a live FB video of our kayaking adventure. It seems everyone knew about this place but for me. I was told by some who saw my video that they like to fish here, but most were interested in the kayaking service I was talking about. There is also an awesome hiking trail to the right of the entrances into the park. If you get there early enough, you can park for free outside the gate.

So, Eric came equipped with everything we needed. He even brought us each a bottle of water. Susan and I just showed up.

Kayaking at Trophy Club Park

Bring Your Own Kayak

You can bring your own kayak and go on your own too. But if you don’t have one, Eric’s service is great. I told him I’d let my readers know about his service. He also will meet you at any surrounding lake. Just ask him. I bet your kayaking adventure at Trophy Club Park will be just like mine and Susan — wonderful! It’s a workout. At least it was for me.

If you have your own kayak and looking to purchase a kayak cart to help with transportation, check out this article on how to choose a kayak cart >>>> https://www.globosurfer.com/best-kayak-carts/

Susan in her Kayak


Kayaking Adventure at Trophy Club Park

Derma-e sent me their Natural Mineral Sunscreen SPF30 stick just in time for my kayaking adventure with Susan. I left out early this morning and didn’t think I’d need sunscreen. However, I didn’t expect to stay out in the sun for three hours, either. Good thing I took this along because I needed it.

I’ll tell you a little secret. I hadn’t gone kayaking for a long while, and it took me a little longer to get where we were going and back. But don’t tell anyone I’m out of shape!

Derm-e sunscreen

Below is a beaver dam. We didn’t see any today, but Eric said he had seen those cute little critters while kayaking there recently.

A beaver dam

If you’re close to Trophy Club Park, you’ve got to go check out the creek. For guiding kayaking service, give Eric a call at 817-600-9167. Hopefully, he is still in business. If not, maybe there’s someone else who can lead your way. For that matter, if you have your own kayak, take it out there.

The address of the park is 2885 Trophy Park Dr.


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