Eateries and Hotels in Las Colinas Irving, TX

Visiting a place where there are massive eateries to dine in is a cause for an expanded waistband. And, trying to choose between hotels in Las Colinas can be mind-boggling. Let me help a sister out!

Las Colinas, a suburb of Irving, TX, boasts restaurants and hotels, and I had the pleasure of being hosted at both.

Restaurants in Las Colinas are one thing, but mix hotels in, and you have yourself a nice getaway to enjoy! If you want to know where to eat in Las Colinas … follow your nose ….or this guide. Both will lead you to some fantastic places in the Toyota Music Factory and eateries on Water Street District and all around Las Colinas.

The OmniĀ  Las Colinas

The Omni Las Colinas Hotel is a very nice hotel to vacation in, and with the outdoor pool, restaurant, and the Mandalay Canal view, you can not go wrong here. You may want to splurge for the view alone.

But, did you know should you come for a day visit or perhaps you’re staying somewhere else, you can buy a resort pass for the whole family to enjoy at the Omni’s outdoor pool, and restaurant, and a cabana comes with a resort pass. What an awesome concept. See information here on the Omni Las Colinas Hotel Report Pass.

Texican Court Boutique Hotel

Stay where the entry doors are pink and the refrigerators are orange! I was hosted in a double-double (bed) room, but they also offer Presidential Suites. For a bohemian look and feel and a comfortable and cool courtyard garden area to hang out in, the Texican Court is my number one pick to book for the look feel. Instagram-worthy photos are available here. And Two Mules Cantina is a quaint restaurant serving good food, drinks, and a sophisticated and comfortable atmosphere inside and out.

Where To Eat In Las Colinas

From Water Street restaurants to Toyota Music Factory eateries and all the other diners around town, there is a plethora to choose from, and choosing where to eat in Las Colinas can get a little nerve-racking. I may be able to help with my list here. Here are just a few restaurants in Las Colinas I enjoyed dining in. All I can say is WOW!

The Ranch Las Colinas


No take-home box is needed here …unless you want to order an extra dessert to go! OMG – what can I say about The Ranch Las Colinas – look at the photo. Not only was their outdoor patio the bomb, but every course we ordered was top notch and sky high! Warning – all diets are off when you dine here! Oh, and don’t forget to get a photo of you and the giant fork out front.

And you may need that expanded waistband I was talking about above. But, hey, I am not complaining — a good meal deserves to be eaten and enjoyed!

Hugo’s Invitados


The most fun place I visited was, hands down, Hugo’s Invitados. The vibe on Cinco de Mayo was loud and vibrant – maybe a little loud for me, but it was outside. I’m showing my age here, but we went back the next day to enjoy that Smoked Old Fashion I heard was a must-try, and it was much calmer, and we had an enjoyable time on the patio.

I love sitting on patios when I get the chance, but here – you may elect to eat indoors so you can marvel over all the mannequins dressed in their flowery best. I dubbed this one below as my best friend. Isn’t she cool?

Pax & Beneficia – A Coffee Shop


A place to go to work, to talk business, to get coffee. Pax & Beneficia was created from a dream. Check out their story.

When in doubt – order a Turkish coffee for two. That’s what we had.

Edoko Omakase


Some of the best sushi I’ve had is at Edoko Omakase. And, when the chef is there, it’s even more special. Anyone can ask Chef Lee to make up his best sushi dish. It’s costly but worth it. They close after lunch for a break and reopens around 4:30 pm for dinner – FYI.

Pacific Table

For dinner with a view, make reservations at Pacific Table. Located right on the canal and right in the midst of hotels in Las Colinas Irving, TX.



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