Tips To Avoid Constipation While Traveling

Tips To Avoid Constipation While Traveling

Read these tips to avoid constipation while traveling so your trip will be better.

Travel constipation is an invisible mood killer while traveling. We all get it. I get it. A much-awaited vacation can turn uncomfortable due to this battle of bowels. Be it a road trip or a flight journey – the moment travel begins, constipation problems set in for most of us. Fortunately, we have solutions at hand to beat this problem. Here are five terrific tips to avoid constipation while traveling

From keeping laxatives handy to choosing the proper travel diet, travel constipation can be avoidable in many ways. As we advance in this post, we will understand the causes of travel constipation and easy tips to prevent it.

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Causes Of Travel Constipation

First, let’s talk about why we get constipated while traveling. Even an individual with regular bowels daily will experience travel constipation. Doctors share many reasons for this.

Disturbances In Sleep While Traveling

Traveling can easily disturb your regular sleep pattern. We may be on a night drive in the car, depriving us of quality sleep. Varying time zones in a flight can modify or circadian rhythm and hence sleep. Such disturbances can trigger constipation.

Changes In Diet Can Cause Constipation While Traveling

While traveling, consuming junk food, caffeine, and roadside or oily food at airport eateries becomes common. They hit the digestive system hard and result in the restriction of the bowels.

Lack Of Exercise

Long hours of sitting or driving impact bowel movements. Traveling can worsen the situation in people with a history of constipation due to restricted body movements.

Anxiety And Stress

Our stomachs might not be comfortable with passing stools in new toilets. Additionally, travel-related walking, waiting, and facing the local weather can tire us beyond the limits.

Ignoring Nature Calls

We tend to force stop the stools and the body signals. One reason for this is the lack of availability of clean toilets in the proximity while traveling. We also feel shy and do not want to be a spoilsport when having fun with friends or groups. It can make bowels harder, create gas trouble, and later add to the constipation problem.

Tips to Avoid Constipation While Travelling

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Simple changes in lifestyle and diet while traveling can avert travel constipation. Plus, they do not take much time to implement and are super easy to put into practice.

Take Alternative Medicines

Many natural products act as laxatives. They are accommodating when traveling to prevent constipation. For instance, shrooms are known for their natural laxative properties. They are easy to carry and consume. Consider adding food products made with shrooms in your on-the-go handy diet section of luggage to prevent travel constipation.

Increase Fluid Intake

Suitable fluids are those free from caffeine, soda, alcohol, or preservatives and chemicals. Such natural fluids help prevent constipation when traveling. Clear soups, water, buttermilk or probiotic liquids, coconut water, etc., help avoid stomach troubles during traveling. Cut down on caffeine, soda, flavored drinks, and alcohol. They would otherwise aggravate bowel irritation.

Include Natural Fiber In The Diet

Cut down on junk food and foods made of processed flour. Cakes, buns, pizzas, noodles, etc., look appealing in travel pics but may cause stomach disorders. Enjoy the local cuisines, and remember to include good fiber where possible. Fresh whole fruits, boiled vegetables, nuts, millets, brown rice, boiled sprouts, whole wheat-made items, dry fruits, etc., are healthy and safe choices to put fiber into your stomach. Consume enough water to help the fiber do its task wholesomely.

Move And Stretch Often

A long drive results in tightened muscles and the body. Flights and trains leave us with little privacy and freedom to take a walk or to stretch our bodies. We also feel shy to walk or relax, thinking about what others might consider us.

Kick away such excuses and inhibitions if you want to eliminate travel constipation. Take breaks every hour while driving—Pullover where you have ample space for fresh air and relaxation. Spot jog, skip or make lunges. Basic yoga poses and stretching exercises work fabulously to relax your whole body.

On flights and trains, stretch legs and take short walks without causing inconvenience to fellow passengers. A simple walk can help activate blood circulation in the whole body in an effective way. Your stomach muscles get enough relaxation, and bowel movements do become better.

Sleep Well

Disturbances in circadian rhythm while traveling can influence sleep. Travel-related activities like waiting in long queues, bearing the outside weather and air can leave us dreary. To avoid all these impacting bowel movements, you should sleep well. I take Oily gummies. Two do me good.

Have light dinners, avoiding greasy food and heavy alcohol intake. Soups, fat-free dairy products, boiled vegetables, cereals, lean meat, white rice, etc., can be light on the stomach. They induce sleep well to your body tired of traveling. A good sleep resets the digestive juices and helps you wake up for a happy day with clean bowels.

Travel constipation occurs due to factors including stress, change of food, and weather. Lack of enough movements for the body and reduced fluid intake can also aggravate the condition. Fortunately, with simple tips, like these, you can keep this problem at bay. Carry natural laxatives and include them in your travel diet. Cut down on caffeine and sodas. Drink more water and healthy fluids like coconut water. At the end of everything, remember to sleep like a baby and hit the reset button to your stomach muscles that wreaked havoc due to travel. I hope these tips to avoid constipation while traveling helps so you can enjoy your time.

From keeping laxatives such as mushrooms handy and making sure to buy shrooms online, choosing the proper travel diet, travel constipation can be avoidable in many ways.

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