Top 5 States to Visit This Fall

Top 5 States to Visit This Fall 2020

Top 5 states to visit this fall for family fun.

With days getting shorter, leaves changing color, and plenty of safe and fun outdoor fall activities here in Fort Worth, Texas (my home) to enjoy despite the pandemic, I wanted to share the top 5 states to visit the fall, according to a source (not me). Did Texas make a list? Did your state make it? See below.

To help Americans plan their autumn getaways this year, LawnStarter compared 47 states — excluding California, Oregon, and Washington State due to recent wildfire events — across five key categories: Parks & Forests; Entertainment; Trails; Yard Size; and Natural Hazards. They looked at 16 metrics, such as the proportion of the state covered in national and state parks, pumpkin patches; wineries; scenic drives; and hurricane risk.

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Are you looking for a fun fall getaway this fall? 

Consider one of these states to do just that. Whether it’s a road trip, bus, boat, or plane trip, I’m sure there’s plenty to do in each of these states this fall. I’d love to visit Colorado this time of year. That state would be my pick – any time of year.
5. Colorado
4. Pennsylvania
3. Michigan
2. Alaska

The number one state to visit this fall is…

1. New York

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And, here’s the reason why New York is number one.

New York is far more than just the Big Apple’s five boroughs. Upstate New York has beautiful mountains, pristine lakes, and miles of parks and trails. But in a twist, New York is also our No. 1 destination for fall entertainment: no state has more apple orchards or corn mazes, making the Empire State an ideal place to live your best outdoor life this fall.

Next: Midwest Is Best: Half of the top 10 states are in the Midwestern U.S., with notably top marks in the Entertainment and Natural Hazards categories. If you live in the middle of the country, try Michigan, Illinois, or Ohio for calming walks in the woods or perfect the smile on your carved pumpkin.

However, you may want to skip the South: Three out of the five bottom states to not go to for fall are in the South, and they’re all on the coast, meaning they’re the biggest targets for less than ideal weather (a glance at the news will show you that fall is prime hurricane season).

Note: I did not want to mention the bottom five – sorry.

Source: LawnStarter released its ranking of the Top 5 States to Visit This Fall for 2020. So go and have fun and be safe! If you want to know the worst states to visit for fall, look on Lawn Starter’s website.

You can find a list of their 2020 top fall destinations to visit this fall (and the ones to avoid) here:

Feel free to spread the word.

Oh, and Texas fell at number 15th for the best places to visit in 2020 for fall. Not bad. Road trips, here we come!

Texas Fall Getaway

fall family getaway cabins
Log Cabin. Photo Credit by Jumping Rocks Photography

Here is an excellent Texas fall getaway near Houston you might want to consider. They are ready for their guest! Click the below link.

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