Chickasaw Country Wineries – Oklahoma Wine Tour

Chickasaw Country Wineries - Oklahoma Wine Tour

Visiting Chickasaw Country Wineries is the perfect girl’s weekend!

When you go to the country for wine tasting, it’s easy to slow down and savor every moment. That’s precisely what my friend Esther and I did a couple of months ago while touring Chickasaw Country wineries. It felt good to get away for a weekend to enjoy wine, friendship, and the beautiful views of south-central Oklahoma in the Chickasaw Nation area. Chickasaw Country hosted our trip. All opinions are my own.

Chickasaw Country Wineries – Oklahoma Wine Tour

Oh, and although that’s beer in our glasses above, we also stopped at a local brewery in Ardmore, OK. But wine was on our minds!


Chickasaw Country Wineries - Oklahoma Wine Tour
Chickasaw Visitor Center in Sulphur, OK

Chickasaw Country

Nestled in south-central Oklahoma, Chickasaw Country represents 7,648 square miles of Oklahoma. It’s a division of the Chickasaw Nation and a tourism source for visitors on destinations, attractions, and festivals. Chickasaw Country is a diverse and culturally-vested destination, with new adventures and experiences around every corner, including boutique wineries!

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Chickasaw Country Wineries

Chickasaw Country’s boutique wineries are spread out all over south-central Oklahoma on both sides of I35 just before entering Oklahoma City if coming from the south. We visited five wineries on our tour, and they were all on the east side, and we went as far as Ada and Tishomingo. Each winery we visited offered something different. We discovered no two wineries out this way are alike. From a small-batch winery to a mom-and-daughter winery to a luscious wedding venue, we were dazzled with the best each had to offer.

Planning a tour is half the fun and tasting various wines and finding a favorite is the other half of fun! Wine touring in this area is a great way to find a new choice while traveling around the countryside. Let’s go! Esther likes sweet wines, while I tend to veer to the dryer wines, I do like a sweet, dry red wine, but that is sometimes hard to find.

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Chickasaw Country Wineries - Oklahoma Wine Tour
Tishomingo, Oklahoma – Old Silo Winery

Old Silo Winery, Tishomingo

Old Silo Winery is a small-batch winery tucked away on a small country road. Their winery and small vineyard sit on land next to their homestead, providing picturesque scenery. The outside seating under the covered patio overlooking a pond is a favorite for locals, but it was too hot for us. Well-trained dogs are allowed outside. Mine would have loved sitting out there watching the birds fly by.

Their wines are low in sulfite, which I like. If you order to go wines, they need to be refrigerated. Luckily, we had an ice chest.  Esther found a sweet wine she liked, Strawberry Fields, and bought it. You won’t find WIFI at this winery either. The owners want visitors to come out to relax, enjoy the beauty, and not be on their phones. I think that’s a nice gesture.

Chickasaw Country Wineries - Oklahoma Wine Tour
Tishomingo, Oklahoma – Mulberry Wine Bar

Mulberry Wine Bar, Tishomingo

Chickasaw native turned LA flair filmmaker brings his talent back to the country. Mulberry Wine Bar has so much energy flowing through it with a mix of native Chickasaw culture decor and modern country influence. When you walk in, you’re greeting with “Chokma” (pronounced Chickma), which means hello and welcome in Chickasaw.

The wine bar is across the street from Blake Shelton’s restaurant – Ole Red. We asked if they had ever seen him. Of course, they have. He comes strolling in now and then. We visited the place and had the best hamburger while listening to country music. That was fun.

Chickasaw Country Wineries - Oklahoma Wine Tour
Downtown Sulphur, Oklahoma – The Rusty Nail Winery

The Rusty Nail Winery, Sulphur

The Rusty Nail Winery is a boutique winery owned and operated by a mother-daughter team in downtown Sulphur. It features a gift shop, tasting room, and bistro, and all its wines are mixed, vetted, and bottled at the winery.

If you like sweet wines, a must-try is the peach chardonnay called Peep Toe. On specific nights they offer a canvas & cork workshop where you can paint and sip. We would have loved to do that, but our visit was during the day. We did a little antique shopping downtown as well. Then had dinner at Flower Bluff Manor just down the street (within walking distance). That piece of steak was so good, but what was better was the chef’s homemade carrots and mashed potatoes!

Chickasaw Country Wineries - Oklahoma Wine Tour
Ada, Oklahoma – Waddell Vineyards,

Waddell Vineyards, Ada

Waddell Vineyards is the most beautiful wedding venue we have ever seen. One day while talking about weddings, they came up with the idea that they needed a winery. So they did!

And, if you’re getting married and want a lovely wedding in the country, I highly recommend checking out this place. It has everything for your special day and the whole wedding party. They even have a lovely bride and groom suite adjacent to the barn.

For the winery, tasting is complimentary, but you have to call ahead and make a reservation.

So, grab a map, stake out your trail, and get ready to explore the beautiful landscape of Chickasaw Nation and Chickasaw Country wineries.

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  1. That would be a cool trip for sure! Girls and Boys! ha Question: when you do a “multipoint” trip like this, is it possible to post a map going from exact address to exact address?

    • Great question. I’m not sure I know how, Roy!! But let me look into it. If it helps, I’ll figure it out!! Thank you for your question. Have a great day!


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