adidas Winter Clothing Must-Haves

adidas winter clothing must-haves

adidas is king when it comes to comfort. No matter the time of year, adidas has your back. Today, I’m featuring adidas winter clothing must-haves for all those indoor and outdoor ice skating parties, trips to a winter wonderland, and anywhere other than somewhere warm!

The best part about adidas online is that great sales are always going on. And, if you become a member, you’ll get free shipping on every order. That’s hard to beat – it costs nothing to become a member.

Disclosure: I am an adidas ambassador and was given adidas credits to order clothes to help facilitate this post.

adidas Winter Clothing Must-Haves

adidas winter clothing must-haves

Whether you live in a state or country with harsh winters or in states like Texas, where you’ll never know if there’s a winter at all (ps. there is), adidas has winter clothing that matches your climate and style.

Being an ambassador, I’ve had the privilege of wearing many adidas clothes and shoes. My favorite item I chose is the Puremotion Adapt Shoes –I slip them on and go. So many compliments are paid to these shoes every time I wear them. They can be worn in all seasons, and I plan to take them with me to New York.

adidas caters to a diversified world, so anyone will be comfortable ordering and wearing adidas clothing.

I love this adidas Mock Neck Top I’m wearing under my Grinch shirt in the above photo. It kept me warm as I ice skated to holiday music and tried to learn to skate—so much harder than regular skating! It’s comfortable and stylish, and I love black. I’m wearing a size large.

adidas Fleece Matching Set

adidas matching sets are a great way to be comfortable and fashionable. Whether you want something casual or athletic, matching sets are perfect.

Above, I’m wearing the ALL SZN Fleece Sweatshirt and Pants in Ecru Tint Mel. I ordered the pants in a large and the sweatshirt in an XL. I could have gone down a size in both, but this way, I can wear something underneath to keep myself even warmer.

This will be my winter must-have on our vacation to New York when we leave the day after Christmas! I’m sure it will be very cold there this time of the year. This matching fleece set is so comfortable I could sleep in it!

I also ordered the ALL SZN Fleece Shorts to match for those days, which aren’t so cold.

Fleece sweaters and pants are fashionable and provide ultimate comfort, a relaxed fit, and soft material against your skin. Mixing and matching different sweatsuits allows you to create multiple outfits with a few pairs.

Pick up an entirely new athletic wardrobe with various sweatpants and sweatshirt combos in various colors to match your mood on different days.

Dig into these adidas winter clothing must-haves and survive any winter weather that comes your way.

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