10 Amazing Getaways For Fall Travel

Take note of these 10 amazing getaways for fall travel …and start planning!

Fall is here, and we’re excited to share our list of 10 amazing getaways for fall travel In The US. These places are perfect for a weekend getaway where you can plan a trip there and back on a weekend! You’ll be able to see some of your favorite places while staying in a new city—and maybe even find a new favorite spot!

10 Amazing Getaways For Fall Travel

10 Amazing Getaways For Fall Travel

We’ve selected these destinations based on their popularity and ease of access from major cities in the United States and have considered the average temperature during the fall months (September-November).

Fall is the best season to travel in the US! The weather is still nice; you can enjoy the changing leaves and cooler fall temperatures.

10 Amazing Getaways For Fall Travel

1. Chattanooga, TN

I’m always asked, “Mountains or Beach?” What’s your favorite? If you said mountains, you’re in for a treat in Chattanooga. Lookout Mountain is where it’s at. Explore beautiful gardens, mountains, underground caves, waterfalls, and the famous Rock City Gardens for your enjoyment.

2. Hot Springs, AR

How about naturally heated hot springs? Hot Springs, AR, is where you’ll want to be for that. Hot springs and thermal baths are probably the number one reason why travelers flock to this popular town in Arkansas. I know – I’ve been a time or two for that reason. But what’s also in the area are plenty of shopping, wineries, horse racing, Garven Gardens, and so much more. The whole family will love it here.

3. Sonoma Valley, CA

Wine, you say? Visit Sonoma Valley might be the place to head to this fall. Only 30 miles from San Francisco, you can also enjoy a hike in the redwoods at Muir Woods.

4. Destin, FL

A popular beach in the summer may not be so crowded in the fall, yet the weather is still nice enough to enjoy the water and water sports.

5. Nashville, TN

History, bars, and restaurants line this town with grace. History buffs will enjoy the Nashville public library and the Grand Ole Opry. If you’ve come this far and like to dance, hang out on Broadway in downtown Nashville for its many saloons and dance halls.

6. Austin, TX

You can’t beat being in the Live Music Capital of the World, which explains Austin to a tee. Take a stroll down 6th Street to say you’ve done it. Hang out longer if you like it, as plenty of places would love to serve you and your whole gang.

7. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Visiting Cape Cod has been on my list for a long time. The beaches are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, so I’ve heard. One day, I’ll experience it. You’ll find plenty of boutiques and restaurants to fill your day here. Visiting lighthouses is a must-do.

8. Savannah, GA

Another place for history enthusiasts. The streets of Savannah have a rich history dating back to the 1700s. Did you know – Savannah, GA, is listed as the most haunted city in America? I hope you like ghosts!

9. Telluride, CO

Visiting in the fall is a treat here. The colors are changing, and it’s not cold yet. You and your family can have a peaceful stay with great views. It may be sweater weather—my favorite.

10. Georgetown, SC

Two in one here. Do the beach thing at Myrtle Beach (35 miles), then come back to town to enjoy the mansions, art galleries, and great dining.

There you have it: 10 amazing getaways for fall travel. Which is your favorite?

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