Top Reasons To Visit Huntsville, AL

Top Reasons To Visit Huntsville, Alabama

Here are my top reasons to visit Huntsville, AL, any time of the year.

Huntsville, AL, known as Rocket City and home to the U. S. Space and Rocket Center, is a city to put at the top of your traveling wish list. The Space Center is one of the top reasons to visit Huntsville, AL, each year – and for good reason. But I’m here to tell you that there’s more to the city to see and do. The attractions and activities that I am writing about today kept us entertained and laughing the whole time. Keep reading – you’ll see why!

I’m so glad I made my way to Northern Alabama for the #STEHuntsvile Travel Conference and this tour.

This post is a sponsored familiarization trip with the Huntsville / Madison County Convention & Visitors Bureau. My opinions are honest and my own.

Top Reasons To Visit Huntsville, Alabama

My Top Reasons To Visit Huntsville, AL

Before the conference, it was a non-stop 2-day FAM trip for a few of us in Huntsville, AL. We covered a lot of ground, and I learned so much that my brain was spinning in circles. Huntsville has some incredible black history, and we got to hear about it from two historians who pour their hearts out into their work. And the new Orion Amphitheater will “rock” the city entertainment with gigs from famous country singers and legendaries from my era. I only wished I lived there to see it all!

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Top Reasons To Visit Huntsville, Alabama

Take A Civil Rights Landmarks Tour Of Downtown Huntsville

Denise took us on a Black history journey from 1818 to the 1960s. She told an excellent story of how Black people lived and were treated back in the day. Her smiles and engaging storytelling tell you about her passion for sharing history. Connect with Denise, Owner of Scenethat Tours, for a fabulous tour of Huntsville, AL.

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Throw An Axe At Civil Axe Throwing

Now there’s something to help get out all that steam! If you’ve ever thrown an ax, whether in your backyard or at an ax-throwing place, you know how satisfying it can be. No, it’s very satisfying…even if you can’t hit the circle! Or, for that matter, hit the wall at all. I was able to hit the wall one time and never again. But my compadres did a fabulous job – well, some of us, that is, but I won’t tell you who else never hit the wall. Check out Civil Axe Throwing.

I’ve thrown an ax one other time, and I believe I have beginner’s luck…and that’s it! I’m not good at all, and you will not want me on your team unless you want a cheerleader—I’m very good at cheering on my mates!

Go Back In Time At Hunstville Revisited Museum

William Hampton, Director, Curator, and Owner of the Huntsville Revisited Museum, shares the local history of Huntsville, AL. with photos, memorabilia, and knowledge. We enjoyed his stories, the tour, and his area inside H. C. Blake Art & History Center at 2007 N. Memorial Parkway, Ste O in Huntsville. Be sure to step in and see it all. Check the hours before you go.

Take A Curling Class At Huntsville Ice Sports Center

Bring your Winter Olympic dreams to life with a curling class at the Huntsville Ice Sports Center! Have you ever taken a curling class? I didn’t even know it existed. Let me tell you, your knees better be in good shape! And if not, you can use a pole as I did. While watching the Winter Olympics, I always wondered why curling would be an actual sport. Now I know. – it’s not easy, and it’s a team effort. We had so much fun, and some of us even learned how to curl!!

The Rocket City Curling Club is the first and only Curling club in North Alabama – and teaches all classes at the Huntsville Ice Sports Center. They will teach you the basics of curling in the “Curling 101” class and help you through the steps of joining a league! League play is scheduled year-round with several fun events to attend and be a part of. 

Catch A Show At The New Orion Amphitheater

The new Orion Amphitheater will open in May of 2022 with incredible bands, including Dave Matthews Band, Kenny Chesney, Josh Groban, and one of my favorites – Chris Stapleton.

We were given a tour inside and out while the crew was working hard to finish it for the upcoming opening. My head spun the whole time, thinking about the bands that would play on the stage I was standing on. The general manager also told us about what is to come in the near future around the Amphitheater, like a garden and a children’s play area. It will be incredible, and I can’t wait to go back to see it all.

Go For A Beer Flight At Straight To Ale

My choice for a beer flight landed at Lily Flags. With chocolate involved, I was all in to taste these beers that I hadn’t had the opportunity to do until now. We also had the privilege of speaking with the owner of Straight To Ale. He was such a down-to-earth guy, and we enjoyed (and, of course, laughed) hearing his knowledge of beers and how he got started in the beer-making business.

Visit The Catacomb 435 Speakeasy

Probably the most fun I had was sitting at the bar with my group at this speakeasy … but don’t tell because everyone will want to go! Our entire experience was top-notch – from where we sat watching the bartender making our drinks to knowing we had to have a code to get in. For a true speakeasy experience, you’ll want to visit Catacomb 435.

Pro Tip 1: Reservations are required and are a week or two out. So, plan ahead to get your own “code.”

Pro Tip 2: When making reservations, ask to sit at the bar so you can watch those monstrosities of drinks being prepared.

Restaurants In Huntsville, Alabama

Domaine South

At Domaine South, you are in for a treat. Start with a charcuterie board of your choice, then onto the main meal of steak or salmon (to name a few) with a glass of wine in hand. Reservations recommended.

Phat Sammy’s

For a helluva good time and some swanky drinks and eats, head to Phat Sammy’s because Life is a Beach there!!

Charlie Foster’s

Grab a coffee and a burrito at Charlie Foster’s. I asked them if they were decked out for Valentine’s Day or if it was always pink in there. It’s always pink in there …and a darn cute place to visit.

Have A Cold One At The Camp

When we visited, it was Mardi Gras at The Camp. They did an excellent job depicting the French Quarter of New Orleans scene. But it’s not always decked out like this, but much so that you would enjoy it no matter what. I understand they get really decked out for Christmas.

There you have it, my reasons to visit Huntsville, AL. What’s yours? To get to know the area a little better, visit Huntsville & Madison County today!

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