Summer Horseback Riding in Chama NM

Summer Horseback Riding in Chama NM

Summer horseback riding in Chama, NM, is top-notch.

We took another summer vacation to Fishtail Ranch in Chama, where the mountains are splendid, and the horseback riding is perfect. In the winter, it’s all about elk hunting at the ranch, but after that, it’s all Summer Horseback Riding in Chama, NM.

Please note: Fishtail Ranch is no longer offering horseback riding.

It’s always a pleasure when my family gets invited to places like Fishtail Ranch. My husband has such a good rapport with his customers that most of them become friends. Valeria and Lee are two of them, and they are the owners of Fishtail Ranch. In the wintertime, hunters from all over go there to elk hunt. They have a beautiful lodge, and their home cooking is exceptional. In the summer, vacationers and Chama residents fill up their days with horseback riding and horseback lessons for kids under 10. We were thrilled to have gone back again this summer.

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Horseback Riding in Chama NM

I love nothing more than to spend hours and hours of mountain viewing. But getting to do it on horseback is enormous.

Girls riding horses in the mountains

That’s my husband below. Tracy’s job when I met him was in sales at a dude ranch, and part of his job was to lead groups on horseback during team-building events. Though that’s behind him now, he does miss those awesome rides. I do too.

riding horses in the mountains

Our fearless horse instructor – Haley

She’s been giving summer horseback riding lessons and leading guides for four years at Fishtail Ranch. The rest of her time is spent at college.

Haley took us on a 2-hour ride up in the mountains of Fishtail Ranch. I luckily got a slow horse. I was lagging behind the whole 2-hour time. But I didn’t mind.

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Summer Horseback Riding in Chama

Summer Horseback Riding lessons for kids

Fishtail Ranch in Chama, NM

Our vacation wasn’t all on horseback at Fishtail Ranch; we did do other fun things. Brody met the owner’s grandkids, and they played together as much as they could. The girls had built a fort before we arrived and couldn’t wait to show Brody what they made. Isn’t it cool? Go, girls!

kids playing in a fort they built

kids playing on hay

kids playing with puppets

There’s a river along the banks of their property where we spent a lot of time exploring nature and walking around. The fort they built is right next to the river.

Summer Horseback Riding in Chama NM

Cumbres Toltec Scenic Railroad

Chama is home to the famous Cumbres Toltec Railroad that offers scenic train rides throughout the year. We rode it last year. This historical railroad puts Chama on the map. Chama is also a short drive to Pagosa Springs, Colorado, which we visited last year and again this year. We took little miss Kate with us this time.

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kids playing on playground in Pagosa Springs CO Kids eating icecream

We sure have had a wonderful summer traveling up to the mountains, but our horseback riding in Chama, NM, was the best. We certainly can’t complain!

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